How to Enjoy a Road Trip When You Need an Interlock Device

Road trips can be an excellent way to explore your own state and the country. They also tend to be a more relaxing, laid-back way to vacation. You get to set your itinerary and pace, making stops at the places you find interesting along the way. So what happens if you’ve got your sights set on planning a cross-country road trip to San Diego, but you’re currently using an interlock device in your vehicle? How to enjoy your San Diego road trip when you need an interlock device to start the car. Learn all about the San Diego road trip.

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Here are some tips you can use that will ensure the trip is fun, exciting, and adventurous, all while being a responsible driver.

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

For those who are asking what is an ignition interlock device, it is a device that a person must breathe into so that their breath alcohol level can be measured. The device is pre-programmed with a blood alcohol concentration that the user cannot exceed. As long as they are below the limit, the car engine can be started. LowCostInterlock is an example of a company that offers these devices. Their model takes just three seconds to exhale into and doesn’t require any complicated breathing patterns that some models ask you to perform.

Don’t Let the Interlock Device Stop You

The first thing you want to do is toss out the notion that an interlock device should prevent you from taking a road trip. While you will be forced to blow into the mouthpiece in order for the vehicle to start, this takes mere seconds and shouldn’t hold you back.

Check Your License Restrictions

The next step is to check your license restrictions. As long as your license permits you to travel out of your home state, then you’ll be able to head out on a road trip. Now, if you happen to already live in the state of California, then you won’t have to worry about out-of-state restrictions. You may however need to let a reporting agency know about your plans.

Driving Tips For Road Trips

Plan Out Your Itinerary and Route

While there is certainly nothing wrong with heading out onto the open road and seeing where it takes you, most prefer to create at least a loose itinerary that they follow, like my 5 day itinerary for a road trip in Spain. This includes mapping out your route to prevent getting lost, and also ensuring that you get to see any points of attraction that interest you along the way and don’t forget to pack all the things you need for a road trip.

What to Do in San Diego

Of course, you also want to give a thought to what you’ll see and do when once you arrive in San Diego. San Diego is absolutely loaded with top sites, attractions, and tours that you can take part in both day and night. Some of the stand-out attractions include the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Mission Beach Boardwalk, the USS Midway Museum, and for a little nighttime action the Sycuan Casino in San Diego, where you can enjoy casino games, dining, and entertainment all in one venue.

Enjoy Your Road Trip to San Diego Without Worry

These tips will ensure that even with an interlock device, you can still enjoy your road trip to San Diego without any worries.

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

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