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England Travel – What to Do, Eat & Drink on a Weekend in Nottingham

Bustling with city life, steeped in history and vibrant local culture, Nottingham is always a special delight for residents and visitors, especially on weekends.Find ideas on things to do, places to eat and where to stay on a weekend in Nottingham.Take a look at this article about England travel.

The town offers a fresh, new and exciting experience, which can be readily seen at the several bars, cafés and restaurants that dots the city scape. All of them promise appetizing meals made from the finest local produce, and the best local and international drinks.

winter in nottingham

Relish the divine feeling of a romantic and unforgettable dining experience at luxurious hotels and informal, family-oriented leisure centers that cater for every taste and budget.

England Travel Ideas for a Weekend in Nottingham

A growing reputation for the best international cuisine
Over the years, Nottingham has carved a charming reputation for its world class food delicacies and choice wines; and has a newly emerging international cuisine zone that features top class restaurants serving the best of local and international menus.

There are also plenty of places to visit with friends; try the ‘curry quarters’ or enjoy tapas; or why not some rustic French dining?

The buzz and excitement never ends with mouth-watering line-ups of fun-filled food and drink festivals that come steadily throughout the year, including the Cider Festival and the Robin Hood Beer Festival.

Take a romantic stroll through the countryside
The Nottingham romantic spirit is warm, sentimental, and enhanced by rich local folklore.

On a long weekend, discover and get wrapped in the atmosphere of love and oneness. Take a romantic stroll with that special someone through the idyllic countryside around Creswell Crags. Then top the beautiful evening off with cosy dinner by candlelight.

The old caves were once a love garden for starry-eyed ladies of the Victorian era. They would throw their hatpins into one of the pools with the belief that the first man they saw afterwards was their true love.

Soak up the rich traditions and history that birthed the romantic walk down this enchanting and tranquil scene and let them inspire you. A great spot to visit!

A unique selection of luxury hotels
When in Nottingham, you are sure to be spoil for choices with a superb selection of the finest luxury hotels and delightful getaways that make the town the perfect destination for a romantic break.

The town is also famous for its delectable restaurants and has a wide variety of hotels to suit all tastes and budgets.

Try the Village Hotel Nottingham, which offers a tender loving couple all the dreamy comforts and conveniences to spend great time together in a unique, striking environment, and make their stay in town truly fascinating and memorable.

While in town, find time to explore the irresistible attractions and boutique shops in Nottingham. Looking for some nightlife? There is a wide array of buzzing and thrilling places to visit, including Motorpoint Arena Nottingham and Nottingham Playhouse, where you can see world class performances.

A long weekend in Nottingham will whet your appetite, and you’ll want to come back again and again.

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