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2022 Emerging Trends in Family Travel

With summer in full swing, many families are looking for fun ways to connect and bond through travel.If you are at a loss for how to make your next trip as special as possible. You should check those 5 Emerging Trends in Family Travel!

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Emerging Trends in Family Travel
Family of four having fun on a tropical beach

Top Family Travel Trends for 2022

Road Tripping

With air travel down due to the COVID-19 crisis, more and more families are taking to the road for their vacations. Many families are choosing to travel closer to home and opting for a road trip over an elaborate vacation. This is a great time to explore those areas in your home state that you have always wanted to see but never had the time for. Road tripping also gives you more control over your vacation so that you can customize it to plan your exact needs at the time.

RV Trips

Also related to the global pandemic is the rise of RV trips as an emerging vacation trend. Traveling in an RV eliminates the need to get on an airplane or use hotels. You will also have access to a kitchen to prepare meals on your own, rather than having to find acceptable restaurants. Traveling in an RV gives you the flexibility to be spontaneous, deciding to linger longer or head out earlier to your next destination. Because it is easier to find a place to park your RV than it is to have to book hotel reservations, you can let the road be your guide.

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Matching Family Pajamas

Clothing trends come and go. One of the hottest travel trends this year is matching family pajamas to commemorate the special trip. There are a variety of online vendors that will allow you to customize the perfect matching pajamas for everyone in your family. Not only will this bring everyone together and ensure that you have a fun souvenir from your trip, but it will also provide great photo opportunities. Ordering matching pajamas for everyone is a particularly fun idea for a cozy winter vacation.

Multi generational Vacations

The family vacation has moved on beyond the traditional nuclear family. Multigenerational vacations are the new hot trend in travel. Why limit your travel party to your immediate family members? Bringing along grandparents, aunts, uncles, and more is a great way to create family memories and honor your elders with a fun trip together. With the rise of home share rentals, it is easier than ever to accommodate large groups on your trip.

Active Trips

It used to be that a vacation was largely defined as a time to relax and rejuvenate. One of the latest trends in family travel is an increase in trips that focus on activity rather than simply laying on a beach. This trend takes on many forms. Perhaps you want to enjoy a backpacking trip with your older kids? Or a vacation that puts the focus on enjoying exciting water sports? The goal of this type of trip is to experience new activities while pushing the limits of your body to achieve more.

Educational Travel

If you are like most parents, you want to make the most out of your travel away from home by making the trip educational for your children. Combining educational endeavors with travel is a great way to make learning fun. Your child will not even realize how much they are learning when they are placed outside the confines of a normal school classroom. Good ideas for destinations for educational travel in the US include Washington, DC, Boston, and Williamsburg, Virginia. However, with a little creativity, you can provide educational opportunities at any trip destination.

By choosing a destination and activities that offer a little something for everyone in your travel party, you are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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  1. I always took my kids with me even when they were toddlers. They are now adults but they still have vague memories. Holidays without kids are not much fun unless you are going somewhere where kids prove a major hindrance

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