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Embrace Dubai’s Incredible Architectural & Design Features

Dubai, the name brings up the visuals of tall skyscrapers, shopping arcades, wide roads and chic cars zooming past. One of the most affluent emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) it is a popular tourist place in the Middle East frequently visited by holidayers and business tycoons alike. The city is well-known for its trendy architectural designs and state-of-the-art infrastructure.  Tourists coming to visit Dubai for the first time are bound to be awe-struck by the flashy nature of this city. 

The city holds several records to its credit in the innovative buildings and their magnificent architectural styles. A few names that may be listed are the Burj Khalifa, the Burj al Arab hotel, the Palm Jumeirah islands, and the Museum of the Future among several others. Dubai has a welcoming and friendly environment. It makes Dubai one of the most desired getaways for those looking for a relaxing holiday. 

Here is a glance at a few places marked as superb engineering and building styles to help you in planning.

View at the Palm

The Palm Jumeirah is a well-known man-made island that is a landmark in Dubai. The view unfolds as you see it from the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower. View at the Palm is a great way to enjoy the mesmerizing Palm-shaped island and the fronds as they unfold in front of the eyes. The Palm tower gives a premium 360-degree view to tourists from an elevation of 240 meters above ground level.

The entire Dubai skyline and the Persian Gulf waters look like a perfect picture postcard when viewed from this high point. The View at the Palm has tours scheduled as early as 5 a.m. to let the tourists enjoy the sunrise view of these beautiful islands. Tourists have the choice to view it from the terrace or the coveted lounge to soak in the breathtaking view.  At the View at the Palm tower, one could learn more about the construction details and the process through which this engineering feat was achieved. 

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Dubai Dolphinarium

Tourists on a group or family holiday are welcomed warmly by the dolphins and seals at the Dubai Dolphinarium in the creekside park in Bur Dubai. A place where you can enjoy an entire day. These friendly and docile mammals show lively stunts, dance to the music, play around and simply create a great splash by moving around in the water.

The Dubai Dolphinarium is an indoor habitat created for these lovely creatures where they are taken care of adorably. You can also swim with the dolphins under the surveillance of the handlers. Devote some of your holiday time to making friends with these wonderful animals of the sea. There are live show timings for tourists to see the special playful stunts and witness the skills of these animals. Additionally, one could also venture into the bird show here as the aviation experts show their skills when it is their turn.

Dubai Frame

An icon in the face of Dubai. It gives a glimpse of Dubai’s past and its present form all in the same place. The Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park is a huge picture frame designed to give a perfect view of the city’s skyline within its boundaries. At 150 meters high and 95 meters wide, this frame gives an aerial view of the city skyline.

One could walk through the glass walkway to enjoy this entire panoramic view of the Dubai surroundings. The sunset view from the bridge is truly a splendour. The frame showcases the old section of Dubai like no other structure. The entire frame and its interior geometric décor call for many selfies to make the trip memorable.

Burj Khalifa

Undoubtedly, the icon of Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. This landmark architecture is a record-breaker of many sorts. Purchase the Burj Khalifa tickets to visit the tallest self-supported structure in the world. Standing tall at 828 meters above, the fastest-moving elevator takes you to the 124th and 125th and 148th levels which are the highest observation deck.

The glass-enclosed view gallery offers tourists a marvelous view of miniature Dubai way down. Burj Khalifa tickets give way to the At the Top view gallery where you can see the other landmark spots in this city from this highest point. Lounge access is also possible with specific kinds of bookings of the Burj Khalifa Tickets at the 154th level. In Dubai, tourists must visit this towering structure that has become synonymous with great engineering achievement. 

Museum of the Future

This oval building covered with Arabic calligraphy on the exterior is one of the recent additions to the icons of Dubai. It is the Museum of the Future. Visit this landmark destination if you feel curious. There are several galleries here to transport you to the year 2071.

At the Tomorrow-Today-themed gallery venture forward in time with futuristic design trends that will dominate in the time to come. Experience the inevitable climate change and its effects on the various living creatures in the DNA library. A recreated Amazon rainforest digital experience can be felt here. The kids and the little ones can enjoy their time at the Future Heroes section and engage in constructive activities that keep them engrossed. The Museum of the Future is a one-of-a-kind museum that glimpses at the future rather than the past.

Dinosaur Park Dubai

Dinosaur Park Dubai is an amazing place to visit on your trip. This is a total family entertainer. The kids get a feel of the place when they are suddenly chased by the animatronic dinosaurs that walked the Earth a long time ago. This interactive experience greets tourists at this wonderful place. Walk through to know the history of these huge creatures through the geological ages of the Earth. 

Dubai is a great wonder in the world today. The number of attractions for tourists in this one city is reason enough to visit this amazing place again and again. 

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