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Élevage Restaurant in Tampa: Facts, History and Breakfast!

Two things you need to know: If you’re staying at the Epicurean Hotel you have to eat at least once at their in-house signature restaurant – Élevage Restaurant and If you’re staying in Tampa or living here, you must make a visit to Élevage at some point as well. Here’s my full experience at the Elevage Restaurant, in Tampa.

elevage restaurant in tampa florida

Why Elevage Restaurant in Tampa Is a Must-Visit?

Don’t get me wrong, Tampa, as I have found, has some of the best and most creative restaurants in Florida. And that’s saying a lot, since I’ve visited most of Florida. And yes, in my opinion, Tampa’s restaurants beat out Miami.

Let’s do a quick breakdown. The term Élevage means – the process from soil to platter. And the concept of the restaurant is a place where nostalgia meets nouveau.

elevage's wall art

Executive Chef Chad Johnson wants to take your childhood memories of yummy food, but make them with a twist and creativity. And from my experience, this is exactly what it was all about.

Facts about Elevage Tampa

  • The Epicurean Hotel is owned by the family that started Bern’s Steakhouse, one of the most famous steakhouses in the US with the largest wine collection in the world. If you’re in Miami check out the best steakhouses in Miami.
  • Élevage Restaurant upholds the highest of standards due to this association. Just that alone helps you know you can’t go wrong with your dining adventure.
  • Executive Chef Chad Johnson – has been the James Beard Best Chef South Semi-Finalist – twice
  • Most of the ingredients are fresh and organic from local farms and nearby vendors. However, the most unusual one, by far, is Uriah’s organic veggies doubling as wall art. Uriah’s Urban Farms is a local farm that is the only place in the world that has indoor, vertical farming.

uriah's urban farm

  • The interesting part about how this concept started was that the owners of Uriah’s son was born with a strange autoimmune disease and to help him they created this concept (the boy’s name is actually Uriah). It is helping him immensely, as all organic usually does. And it’s also such a unique way of having fresh veggies all the time.
  • When you order any salads the greens come off the wall, and every two-three days the display is changed for fresh greens.
  • Bern was a huge collector, and most of the restaurant is full of unique pieces that he collected over the years and didn’t really know what to do with them. Until now – the tables are made from the wood of a closed down distillery and the ceiling pieces from a closed down train station.

restaurants in tampa - elevage restaurant

Breakfast at The Élevage Restaurant

I find that breakfast is one of those meals that few places can really get innovative with. Either they are too worried about thinking out of the box and spoiling the typical eggs and bacon or French toast platters that everyone expects, or simply they think all the creativity should be saved for lunch and especially dinner.

Not Élevage Restaurant.

They definitely take it up a notch.

The menu has the coolest items on it. Some that I would never think of for breakfast.

Shrimp and Grits

shrimp and grits - elevage restaurant

Sourdough Pancakes with Roasted Apples

Sourdough pancakes - elevage restaurant, tampa florida

Wild Mushroom Omelet

wild mushroom omelet - elevage restaurant, tampa florida

Smoked Salmon

smoked salmon platter - elevage restaurant, tampa florida

Plus they have a great tea selection. A thing I never overlook since I’m strictly a tea drinker and have found that many places totally discriminate against us.

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