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Can You Buy Life Insurance on Your Elderly Parents?

Many of us have elderly parents, it’s a common thing. Another common thing is life insurance, while we are getting older we get to notice stuff that we didn’t before. Term life insurance quotes are a must for every conscious person. It can help us or our family to pay for final expenses after we die, that’s really useful. Being said that, you must be thinking, ‘can I get life insurance on my parent?‘ And it’s one of the most common questions when it comes to this. So If you won’t know if you can buy life insurance for your elderly parents, the short answer would be yes, you can, but it depends! Keep reading to know the full answer!

Life insurance for an elderly parent

Yes, you can pay for life insurance for your parents to help you out a bit, paying those final expenses our beloved ones left behind. In order to buy life insurance for an elderly parent, you must have their consent and proof of insurable interest. You should know which type of life insurance get for an elderly parent.

You must be thinking about which type suits you better for your parent, that will depend on many factors:

Besides the health of your parents, age plays a major factor here. Since we are talking about the elderly, I’m going to cover ages from 40 to 85. Usually, the best type of life insurance for parents near retirement is whole life insurance. As long as premiums are paid, these insurance policies will build amazing cash value and will not stop covering your parents after a certain amount of time. Another advantage of this type is that, in most cases, you can start one without a health exam. One thing to notice is the older your parents are, the higher the premium will be.

Life insurance for an elderly parents

After this introduction, we have three things clear: we need life insurance for parents, we can buy one for them (with their consent), and whole life insurance is the best one for our elderly parents. Despite this, life insurance should be added to our general financial planning. Why? Some insurances policies can help you achieve some financial goals and other ones just provide protection. Whichever you choose, you should understand the financial impact it can have.

In most cases, you should be looking after two factors: Cash value and cost.

Cash value will always be suited better for long-term needs. You can have a better plan for your taxes. As I said before, many of them can get really expensive after the age of 65 and other ones will not let you renew them at all.

Cost, if budget, is something that worries you always can go for a term life insurance, and if you want life coverage you should get one that can be converted into whole life insurance. That way, you can shift between them as you require. Remember, you can term life insurance quotes online at any time.


Should you get elderly life insurance for parents? As we read before, it depends on some factors, but most of the time the answer is YES, you should. The benefits can really outweigh the cons. If you think about it, having a peaceful mind without worries after your loved ones passed away is a must. And life insurance for parents is the best way to achieve this and pay for the remaining expenses.

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