El Salvador Seafood Market

El Salvador has so much to offer. You have the surf beaches, Suchitoto, and the piers.

What you’ll find at a genuine El Salvador Seafood Market

Shells of all sorts

shell vendor in a seafood market in el salvador

Yummmmm – fresh Ceviche to be eaten at any time of the day and night

fresh ceviche stand in a seafood market in el salvador

Drying fish

dried fish in a seafood market el salvador

More drying fish

kid with dry fish el salvador seafood

Fish for sale

Fresh Fish seller in a seafood market, el salvador

All sorts of fresh fish

el salvador seafood fresh fish

Fresh Catch of the Day – still alive

Fresh rays for sell in a seafood market in el salvador

This is what it looks like when you ask for a clean fish or a fillet without bones

cleaning fish seafood market in el salavador

Salted fish

Salted Fish for sell in el salvador seafood market

Shark teeth

shark theeth for sell in el salvador seafood market


Last Updated on May 6, 2022

4 thoughts on “El Salvador Seafood Market

  1. This is fabulous, though my favourite part was the image of your son being quite entirely fierce with a borrowed set of fish teeth!

  2. I can imagine the smells on that fish market. Phew!
    Weird how bad fish smells, but can still taste good…

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