Local Fishermen’s Pier in El Salvador – Photo Essay

El Salvador is one of those hidden, secretive types of destinations. When staying on the coast visiting the beaches we took a day trip to the Pier in Libertad. Let me tell you, if you are in the area, this is a MUST VISIT spot!

Fresh caught fish and seafood made into fresh Ceviche – can you think of a better meal?

el salvador attractions

Fresh shrimp ceviche – this was my breakfast

fresh shrimp ceviche in la libertad el salvador

Who wants a coconut?

cononut water in la pier el salvador

Local artist showing off his work of art on shells found in the ocean

artist working in la pier el salvador

Fresh catch of the day

fresh fish in la liberta el salvador

Yeah, I’m not eating that no matter what

fresh rays for selling in el salvador

More fresh fish – this is what the local el salvador restaurants are serving up, and they are so good

kid with fresh fish in el salvador la pier

Lobsters – dirt cheap

cheap lobster for sell in la pier el salvador

Who wants a shark jaw for fun?

shark jaw for sell in la libertad el salavador

Seashell jewelry vendor

sea shell vendor in la pier el salavador

More tasty, yummy ceviche

ceviche stand vendor in la libertad, san salvador

Dried fish

dried fish on a boat in la libertad, el salvador

El Salvador Attractions – Fishermen’s Pier La Libertad


Last Updated on May 15, 2023

One thought on “Local Fishermen’s Pier in El Salvador – Photo Essay”

  1. Hi would know the prices for the food? For instance your ceviche bowl. Also what about the lobster?

    Anyway awesome website!:)

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