El Hato Verde Restaurant Review in Antigua, Guatemala


El Hato Verde Restaurant Review in Antigua, Guatemala

family sitting around a table at el hato verde restaurant

I’m always open to new restaurants that are more of an experience rather than just another upper-scale restaurant, and it doesn’t only have to be that it’s outdoors or the food is expensive because just because the food is expensive does not make it good. I have learned that many, many times over, but I do look for experiences. That’s how I ended up going to a place called El Hato Verde Restaurant in Guatemala.

Today we’re gonna be talking about a luxury outdoor restaurant in Antigua Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin. 

One day I asked a couple of friends about anything that’s new in the Antigua area, around where we live and the cool thing about where we live in Antigua is we’re surrounded by mountains, and they overlooked the volcanoes more or less pretty much everywhere you go. They told me of this new restaurant called El Hato Verde. It’s not just a restaurant in Guatemala, it’s literally supposed to be a full experience. So, of course, I needed to go there. 

El Hato Verde Restaurant

My family and I arrived at the parking lot. You need to make reservations, you cannot get there any other way, and it is about $20 per person just to enter. It is dog friendly. You can bring your doggy and the dog is probably like $5 or $6 to enter as well. When you park your car because the actual restaurant or this mini destination is located on top of the mountain, they take you up in a golf cart all the way to the top. 

The place is definitely done in style. It is really beautiful. The fact that you have to pay almost $20 per person just to enter without even touching a drink or food. You know, they need to uphold that amount of money because for Guatemala, that’s a lot of money for entrance. As you enter, they do have this beautiful restaurant.

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woman lying on a coach at el hato verde in antigua guatemala

Outdoor Restaurant and Areas

The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. It’s outdoors in the shade of trees. 

They really did a good job of keeping the trees. Then there are other areas that you could visit, such as the bar, which is separate from the restaurant, you can check out and hang out around there and there are lounge chairs everywhere. They even have a play area where they have a ping pong table and football. 

Then you can continue on the property and there’s another entire large section. It’s definitely for the restaurant, but it’s on the other side, overlooking the actual volcano. What we loved the most was you could go upstairs, it’s kind of like a treehouse to a platform That is just full-on luxury style. This kind of reminds me whenever you see those really luxurious tents in like the Arab countries with cushions and carpets and all this other flowing stuff. That’s what they pretty much made upstairs in this treehouse. You can go and hang out, you can bring drinks. 

woman lying on a suspended bed while holding a glass with a volcano on the back

Going up with food is really complicated because it is quite steep. It is not made for you if you are not in the proper health because it is super, super steep, but it is beautiful. It’s a great place to take photos of the volcanoes behind you.

Also, the big catch was if they have this cool place, it’s also, it’s another bar and off the platform, there’s a net. So they have this bar and this wooden floor and off of the wooden floor onto the air is this huge net that you can lay on, and you can look down, you know, if you’re afraid of heights might not be the best one for you, but it is super safe, chances of anything happening to it are low. I don’t foresee that happening, and I’m usually pretty good about the fear factor thing. So that is like a cool thing. 

Honestly, I really don’t see what the price covers, but I guess it’s an expensive project, and they need to get their money back. They are trying to do a bit of an upper-scale place.

a woman and two kids lying on suspended bed at el hato verde


The food was super, super mediocre, like mediocre, definitely not anything I would even remember at all, and it is not cheap. It’s definitely on the pricey side. Don’t go there with high expectations that you’re going to get some phenomenal food. On the contrary. Not at all. Super mediocre. A bit bland, definitely not anything I would be in a wow factor about 

woman holding a glass behind a table at el hato verde restaurant in antigua guatemala


After you figure spending almost $20, that you will be hanging out for a long time after about two hours and that included lunch and just hanging out drinking, and well we only drink one glass of wine and my kids play ping pong a lot and hanging out on the net, you really don’t need more than two hours. There’s not much more else to do there. I mean, you can if you enjoy spending a lot of money on super expensive alcohol, but that’s really not our thing in the first place, but other than that, after that the kids kinda do get bored. 

It is a cool place to visit. It would probably be nice to see a sunset. We were not there for the sunset. But it is different, definitely a different experience and if you have a bit of money to spend, and you want something cool, go check it out.

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