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Eight Tips For Booking A Hotel To Stay In

Choosing a hotel to stay in when traveling can be a tough nut to crack unless you’ve traveled frequently. Of course, this is an important step while planning a grip since comfort and convenience depend on it. You wouldn’t want to return to a dingy place to stay after a tiring day out, would you? So if you also struggle with finding and booking hotel accommodation that is affordable and yet comfortable, you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is follow these simple tips to find the most suitable place for your perfect stress-busting gateway, business trip, or spontaneous trip.

Check for discounts

Many hotels offer exclusive travel discounts to credit/travel card holders or people associated with specific companies and educational institutes. Always check with your organization, or your educational institution if you’re a student, for discounts. You can qualify for these discounts if you are associated with well-known multinational organizations.

Coupons and vouchers can be availed from websites such as Hotelgift and Discoveries. Bank credit cards provide special discounts on several international hotel chains; VISA cardholders enjoy special privileges. It’s a great way to save on accommodation charges many people don’t know about, so always check with your organization, institute, and bank before booking a hotel.

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Run a local search on Google

Let’s say you’re traveling to Sevierville, Tennessee, for a fun southern-style vacation. A localized search for ‘Sevierville TN hotels‘ will help you quickly identify several places to stay. You can check their Google My Business listings and websites, and call them for additional details. This trick will always come in handy regardless of where you’re traveling.

Compare hotels

Rather than looking at different individual websites of hotels, save your time by using hotel comparison websites that provide all the necessary information in one place. These websites can help you compare room fares, amenities, and services. The most popular hotel comparison sites include Kayak, Hotelscombined, Tripadvisor, and TravelPerk. Most of these sites have mobile apps and different versions for business travel. 

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Ring up the hotel

People are unaware of the special rates or discounts available. If you have a hotel in mind, instead of booking it on their website, call the hotel, talk to the staff directly, and get all the relevant information about rooms, bookings, and deals. More often than not, reception staff are aware of any special discounts or fluctuations in the room rates and can hook you up with the best rates. 

Several activities such as conventions, concerts, and other events raise the price of rooms because of additional demand. It’s always better to call ahead of time to be aware of such events. During the holiday season, hotel prices happen to go through the roof. Hence it is better to plan the place and to find a place further from the center of activity.

Avoid cancellation penalties

When booking a hotel, choose the ones with no cancellation fee and advance booking payments. Hotel prices constantly fluctuate because of changes in hotel availability. After a cancellable reservation, you can opt for a better alternative, or even better, your room rates can drop if you are lucky.

Cash in on canceled reservations

Booking rooms on short notice? Call the hotel you plan to stay in and ask for any canceled reservations. Most hotels offer canceled reservation rooms at reduced rates since they’re trying to fill rooms most of the time. It is a good way to get a good room impromptu at a good price. Websites like Roomers help customers negotiate and buy reservations at reduced rates from someone who cannot fill up their reservation but is looking for some compensation.

Use apps for last-minute plans

Several apps provide great deals and packages for impromptu travel. This tip only pertains to spontaneous travels- it is not ideal to always book hotels last minute. Last-minute hotel booking can lead to lower rates, whether it’s a family reunion or a surprise visit to an old friend. Using apps such as HotelTonight, negotiate the best prices to avail their unreserved rooms since hotels are usually working to fill vacancies. 

Negotiate for upgrades

Staying at a hotel, especially in the off-season, leaves several vacant rooms waiting to get occupied. Taking advantage of that situation, you could upgrade your lower-value room to a better one without paying additional charges or at a lower rate. Often it helps to speak to the manager directly, mention that it’s a special occasion; to ask if better rooms are available. 


In this era of several websites available online, finding a hotel to suit your budget has become easier to look for. Along with planning ahead of time for important trips, you must check websites to ensure you get the best deal. Call ahead and get all relevant information on vacant rooms and reduced fares.

Use apps for the best deals on unreserved rooms, negotiate for reserved rooms, and check for additional discounts through association with an organization or institution. You can also negotiate your way into upgrading rooms once checked in, reserving hotels without a cancellation fee, and looking to book canceled reservations at lower rates. These tips ensure you can find the best hotels at affordable rates and have a great stay. 

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