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Packing Tips – How to Efficiently Pack a Bag For Travel

Packing for travel can be stressful but an efficient person makes it a lot easier!. They say you should start assembling things for your trip up to a week in advance. This means you do your laundry, you make sure you have enough clean underwear and socks to get you through the trip, you figure out what is necessary to bring and what is not, you get cash, you find your passport and any travel accessories you bust out one every 6 months, and you make things happen early so that you’re not stressed in the days or hours leading up to departure. Packing before a vacation can get a bit overwhelming, you don’t want to carry a ton of stuff you won’t use. Here are 3 packing tips to avoid this.

Packing Tips
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The amount of people that actually pack in advance are few and far between. Life is busy and much of what needs to be packed is stuff that you have to use up to the hour before you leave. This means you are probably part of the demographic that shoves everything into a bag last minute and hopes for the best.

If this is you, you need tips for how to efficiently pack a bag for travel, because you’re short on time…and you definitely don’t want to be over the weight limit.

Packing Tips – How to Efficiently Pack a Bag For Travel

Limit Your Bottoms

Pants, shorts, caprices, skirts, slacks, and the like are the things that take up the most room in a suitcase. They’re also heavy. Depending on the kind of trip that you’re embarking on, limit the bottoms that you take. If you’re going someplace tropical, bring a couple pair of shorts, and one pair of pants. If things get dirty, you can always find laundry or suffer through it.

Roll What’s Roll-able

The fabric has a tendency to hold a lot of volume. If you’re just folding and stacking your clothes in your bag, it’s going to take up more room than it has to. A great technique for saving space is to roll everything that is able to be rolled in your bag. This includes boxers, t-shirts, blouses, pants, and even jackets. You’ll take the air out and you’ll be able to fit more into the space.

Best Packing Tips To Wear Your Jacket or Heavy Items to the Airport

If travel requires that you bring a dense jacket or you have a heavy and clunky pair of shoes that you want to bring with you, instead of forcing them into your bag, wear them to the airport. If it’s too hot to wear a jacket, just carry it. The airline isn’t going to tax you for having a carry on and a jacket. When you aren’t using valuable space for something you could just wear to the airport, you’ll be able to pack some extras in your bag.

It’s not really that difficult, you just have to know the strategy. If you want to pack light, don’t bring what you can buy where you’re going. If you want to pack efficiently, follow these rules and you’ll find out a few more tricks for yourself along the way.

Do you have any other packing tips to share?

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