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Effective Ways To Market Your Seasonal Business All Year

If you operate a seasonal business, you understand the concept of feast and famine. You stay busy during the summer months with your wedding video production, roofing or farm stand business, and winter keeps you busy as you plow snow, fix furnaces or sell hot chocolate. Business and brand interaction slows down for your seasonal company, though, when the weather changes. Navigate seasonal ups and downs when you implement several effective strategies that market and promote your business and services and improve engagement year round.Eleven tips on how you can make a seasonal business profitable al year long.In this article I share about market your seasonal business

Market Your Seasonal Business


Redesign Your Website

Refresh your online presence with a new website. Implement a mobile-friendly design, add a photo gallery, update the text, and boost the presentation with info graphs and other visual content. These tips keep your website fresh and appeal to customers who need the services and products your business provides.

Update Printed Materials

A few tweaks can boost the efficiency of your company’s printed flyers, mailed ads and business cards. Review the text, services and products lists, colors, and other details to ensure your printed materials support your business’s growth into the future.

Create Fresh Social Media Content

Tap into social media with engaging and insightful content – it’s one of the most effective ways of getting your brand out there (and you can browse this site to learn about even more ways you can do this). Post video tutorials, vibrant pictures and entertaining stories during your off-season, and plan to keep posting fresh content so your customers remain excited about supporting your company when the busy season starts.

Ask for Reviews

Your customers continue to hire your company because they’re satisfied, so ask them to leave a positive and honest review or testimonial on your website and other social media spaces. These reviews build trust and invite new customers to hire you.

Embrace New Marketing Strategies

Maybe your Twitter feed or Instagram account reach thousands of customers, but you can also try new strategies that support your company’s growth year round. Create an app, sell videos or start a blog as you build brand awareness and improve customer engagement.

Survey Your Customers

Send a customer satisfaction survey to your customers via email, text or your website, and ask them how you’re doing. Invite them to share details about how your company excels, ways it can improve, and products and services they would like you to offer. Analyze the responses you receive and take action to show customers that you care about them.

Start a Referral Program

Reward loyal customers for the new business they refer to you. Offer a discount, special event or other incentive when referrals book a service or make a purchase, and you’ll see your business expand.

Build Your Team

Use downtime to train your current employees or build your team with new staff members, and showcase your efforts on social media. Remind customers that your strong team stands ready to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Launch a New Division

Brainstorm ideas for a new business division that supports your brand and keeps your company busy during the off-season. For example, your summer pool cleaning team can service hot tubs in the winter, and you can process your summer farm market produce into gourmet jam to sell in the winter.

Host an Event With Another Company

Partner with a company that offers similar or complementary services and products, and throw a customer loyalty party, host a job fair or coordinate a beneficial workshop. Additionally, offer package deals for each of your services, share coupons for your products and display each other’s goods as you create successful partnerships and reach more potential customers.

Sell in Advance

Invite your customers to purchase services and products before they need them. They will appreciate receiving a discount on snow removal, outdoor adventure camp or roof repair before they need the service, and you boost your business during the off-season.

With these tips, you successfully market your seasonal business throughout the year. Your company engages new and potential customers, and you prepare for new business when the busy season starts.

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