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Educational Travel – Colonial Quarter St. Augustine

St. Augustine and Educational travel should be synonymous.  Practically all the main attractions in this historic town are great learning opportunities for both kids and adults. Our education began on our first day when we visited the Pirate Museum, but pirates were only a small bit of St. Augustine’s history.

Colonial Quarter St. Augustine is the Heart of its Educational Travel

Colonial Quarter is a re-enactment attraction right on the most adorable, must-visit streets in all of St. Augustine, Florida – St. George Street. The pedestrian-only street is a host to many historical landmarks and visiting Colonial Quarter is easy to find and a perfect way to spend time learning all about St. Augustine.

educational travel

Quick History of Colonial Quarter Living History Museum and What You Will See

  • The museum originally opened in 1963 as a living museum and used to be dedicated to the 1740’s period of when St. Augustine was occupied by Spain.

  • In it you can walk through 3 centuries of St. Augustine’s history.

  • In 2013 it reopened under new management and now represents three centuries of Colonial St. Augustine – Spanish and British periods.


16th Century

  • Flags over St. Augustine – A boardwalk where you go beneath the flags that have flown over the City for over 450 years. You will learn all the different countries that at one point or another took over St. Augustine.

educational travel - colonial quarter st. augustine

  • See a 16th Century Sailing Vessel Being Crafted – A 50-foot caravel. Caravel is the original size boat that most sailors arrived to the new land in. Columbus’s boat was a Caravel. Our guide explained that with tons of sailors on a tiny boat it was more of a nightmare sail than the romantic sailing we learn about in schools.

  • Experience History beneath your Feet –  A glimpse into archaeological investigations that took place on the very ground you are standing in.

17th Century

  • Take Part in a Musket Drill – learn to lock, load and fire your 17th century replica

Musket drill - colonial quarters st. augustine

  • Climb a 17th Century Watchtower – It overlooks Castillos de San Marcos. Getting the Musket in hand was way more fun than the climb.

Musket gun training for kids

  • Blacksmith training – See how the Blacksmith forged metal into useful objects

Attractions in st. Augustine florida

18th Century

  • De Mesa-Sanchez House – Home museum built in 1740’s. Get a glimpse as to how nobility and merchants lived during those times.

  • Gazette Print Shoppe – Use a replica of a printing press from 1770’s.

  • Bull & Crown Public House – Kid friendly bar and restaurant. There are actually two restaurants. One is a Public house and the other a Tavern. The difference between a Pub (public house) and a Tavern is that Pubs were open to everyone, taverns only to the army and infantry.

Tavern at Colonial Quarter

Other fun attractions

Soldier House – visit a house and look and feel how the soldiers lived.

Soldier's house st. augustine florida

Check out their bed

soldiers bed from 16th century

See how their women’s days were filled

Soldiers wife - 16th century

Leather making – Visit a Leather and Hide maker’s shop

Hide and Leather Maker - places to visit in st. augustine

Video Fun

Information for visiting Colonial Quarter

Address: 33 St. George Street St. Augustine, FL 32084

Phone: (904) 342-2857

Hours: Seven days a week – 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Price and tours:

  • Colonial Quarter – A tour guide shares tales of St. Augustine’s past as you’re led through exciting activities like musket firing and cannon drills – this is included in the price of the entrance.

Adult: $12.99

Children (5-12) $6.99

Children 4 and under – FREE 


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