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Educational Games for Toddlers – Hide and Seek

Hide and seek games can either be really annoying or bearable if they are played well. However, I never thought that this will be one of those educational games for toddlers and on top of that, fun!

How my search for Educational Games for Toddlers ended up:

I found Hello Sunshine Board Game while researching activities for kids to do while traveling. I wanted it to be special for both my boys, compact in size and entertaining. When I received it, I realized it was more of a hide and seek game, something that I wasn’t totally expecting but figured – let’s give it a shot.

Hello Sunshine

My oldest son, nine, decided to figure out how to play with it so that he can occupy his little brother while we had downtime between activities in our house rental.

hide and seek game

It turns out its much more than just hide the sunshine and seek it out. The game comes with flash cards giving the older person (hiding the toy) ideas of where to hide and then showing them to the younger child.

educational games for kids
Flash cards

In all honesty, my three year old was a bit old for the card showing, but what took me for a complete surprise is that my nine year old decided to take it up a notch.

Quick side track – we are raising trilingual kids. So what my oldest did was instead of doing the regular routine of showing his brother the cards and hiding the sun. He decided to do it in Spanish one time, then in English the next time. I hopped on the band wagon and did it for him in Russian.

hello sunshine

It was so much fun! Both my boys got to practice their trilingual knowledge and no one sat around the house ‘bored’.

Where to Buy It

Amazon seems to be the easiest and fastest way to receive the toy and arrives at your door within a couple of days after purchasing it!

Hide and Seek Games – Educational Games for Toddlers

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