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Organic Bug Repellent by EcoSmart Is a Must Have!

Since childhood mosquitos and me were arch enemies. They loved to bite me and I despised being anywhere around them. They literally used to find me during the harshest NY winters where they hibernated in my room and feasted on me.

My baby, out of all my genes, received these from me. No matter where we go he is enjoyed too much by the critters around us: mosquitos, gnats, bed bugs. It’s a serious problem for us.

How to Battle Mosquitos and Bed Bugs with EcoSmart

The majority of our bites come during traveling. So I started to search for what would be the best travel-sized, yet effective product and found Eco Smart. But, most importantly, it’s completely organic, non-toxic, and a safe bug repellent for kids to use.

They have a wide selection of different products that come in all shapes and sizes. But I was most drawn to their travel-sized organic bug repellent and decided to get two variations of it.

1. Bed Bug Spray

The fact that I can spray the bed and have my kids sleep on it right afterward without worrying that they might swallow poison is a relief all parents will share with me! This way you can get rid of baby bed bugs.

bed bug repellent

2. Organic Insect Repellent

Totally organic, no DEET, safe for kids (even infants). What else can I ask for?

So, you want to know if they work as well?

I’ve put both products to the test on a number occasions. And we have come out clean, no bites and no insane itching, which is usually the most stressful part of any bug bites.

I definitely recommend using Eco Smart! It should be among everyone’s travel necessities. And the fact that they are small enough to fit into my toiletries bag (where I usually put my squeeze pods), without taking up too much space, is a great bonus.

Where to get it:

I Found Eco Smart on the web. Their customer service was super. I received my products within days of the transaction. Plus, they threw in a ton of samples for other products they have.

The other product that I’m truly enjoying, which is more for the home is the Mosquito and Tick Control spray. This is great if you have a yard or a recreation area outdoors. We have a terrace and a garage area where lots of mosquitos tend to lay their eggs.  It’s hard to truly know if it’s working, but for the past few weeks, we have had A LOT less mosquitos than we normally do during this time of the year.

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Family Travel Essentials - Organic Bug Repellent by EcoSmart

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