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Eco Friendly Clothing, Silk Bedding on the Go and So Much More

Throughout my years of traveling, I’ve met a lot of people that actually travel with their own bedding. I’ve always thought it was odd, but hey – to each their own, right? That was until something shifted for me. Even though I tend to travel three star and higher hotels lately, I’ve had moments when I had totally ick-out moments when the pillow cases had stains and other not-so-fun things I want to mention. It doesn’t happen often, but enough for me to remember those travelers with bedding and go that route.

Traveling with two kids takes up a lot of space, so I decided to start small. Pillow cases. But not just any pillow cases. Silk ones and eco friendly to boot.

After getting my exercise clothes from Fishers Finery, and being so happy with them, I decided to go for more. Silk Bedding and also eco friendly pajamas. If my workout clothes were that comfortable, can you imagine how comfortable their pj’s might be? I wanted to find out. Oh, I just had to have the silk sleep mask, kind of an indulgence moment.

silk bedding

I fell in love with the Women’s Pajama Capri Set – Jersey Pajamas. If I thought the workout clothes were comfy, I had no idea what I was getting into with this PJ set.

So these have become a serious issue for me. Since I work from home and other than picking up my kids from school in the late afternoons, I don’t really have to ever leave the home. And what does that mean? I literally get into my PJ’s around 8 pm and they don’t come off of me until around 2:30 pm the next day.

eco friendly clothing

I simply can’t bring myself to part with them. I’m a huge PJ fan. I won’t deny that. I always said that Hugh Hefner has the best taste in clothes. He knows where it’s at. So when I am paired up with pajamas that are so comfortable, let’s just say my fashionability goes out the window and I retreat to my vices.  When I travel, at least I am forced to get out of them since I actually have plans.

And, worse of all, when my husband gets the kids, I literally have been in these PJ’s for 48 hours at a time. A fact I am not proud of. At this point, I think my husband is banning me from wearing them unless we do travel and I use them for the sole purpose they were made for – to sleep in.

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