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Eco Friendly Clothing – Comfort and Softness and So Much More

Eco friendly clothing has always had a serious pull for me. I love that these companies work hard to use earth friendly materials and truly make a difference not only by not leaving any footprints but also donating to all sorts of organizations. But what truly amazes me is the quality of the products they produce.

I remember years ago when eco friendly clothing started to pop up they were extremely limited in style. The colors were bland due to lack of eco friendly dyes, and let’s be frank, not very comforting to the touch at all.

But this industry has fully changed, so much that I am rethinking how much I like my non-eco friendly clothing after my first big purchase of work out clothes from Fishers Finery. This unbelievable company, that claims to be an understated elegance company, uses 100% eco friendly fabrics to produce comfortable, stylish and true elegance (nothing understated about it).

I got the Capri Leggings and Top with Ecofabric; Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton.

bamboo eco friendly work out clothes

Why I’m Addicted to Eco Friendly Clothing Made of Bamboo

OMG, I have never worn bamboo clothing before, but it is the softest things I’d ever put on my body. So much, at times I feel there is nothing even touching my skin.

I’m going to gush even more because this totally took me for a spin, but they are super comfortable, airy and I don’t sweat as much in them when I work out.

There is no pressure in any of the seams areas like with some of my spandex exercise clothing.

They fit my body beautifully. And I’ve been known to wear them two or three days in a row (without washing) for exercise. I simply can’t wait that long between wash loads, and it would be totally against eco friendliness if I only did a wash cycle just for the top and pants.

I used them for both yoga and cardio and they are great for both.

More Info About Fishers Finery

I am so inspired by this company and recommend it becomes part of everyone’s wardrobes for traveling, exercise, sleepwear and recreation.

You can find cool deals if you become their fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. But the best deals is directly from their website.

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