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Eco Friendly Beauty Products That Will Solve Problems You Never Knew Could Be Solved

OMG – have you ever found a product that you have been looking for without knowing you have been looking for it.

It’s All Good Products kind of just fell into my lap accidentally and now I truly wonder how I have been living without them all this time. And it’s not only a female thing, my husband is fully on board with this notion.

For the past twelve years I have stopped using store bought, or even ‘organic’ deodorants and antiperspirants. I tried the crystal and stone route, but they simply don’t work. Instead, I’ve been successfully using baking soda. However, if anyone has ever used it can tell you it’s messy. The powder gets everywhere, but for the results you just deal with it.

Now I found the solution. The It’s All Good Natural Cream Deodorant is truly 100% all natural, the main ingredient is baking soda coupled with Shea Butter which makes it go on creamy along with the coconut oil and the gentle scents of Lavender or Lemon make it good for both men and women.


1 Deodorant_Print_No_Price

And if that wasn’t good enough, the Magic Bites Soothing Balm for nasty bites is another one of those products that simply is the best.

Living in the tropics, visiting rain forests and beaches (as romantic as this all sounds) leaves you full of bites. Mosquito bites suck, but you don’t know agony until you are bitten all over by sand fleas and your skin is blistering and itching.

Interestingly enough, we just got back from a trip to the rain forest. My bug bites where itching, inflating to balloons full of liquid. And nothing I did helped. I tried vinegar, lemon and rubbing alcohol.

That’s when I tried this product. I have had it for a while, and kind of put it with the rest of the bug bite ointments that don’t work. But never gave it a try. When I did the itching stopped instantly.

The bite didn’t go away, but usually bites stay around when you itch. Every time the itch returned, I slathered myself with this cream and it immediately went away. Within three days the bites have gone.

And what is amazing, this is completely natural. If I had the time and interest, I can probably make it myself, that’s how simple yet genius it is.

7 Magic_Bites_Pulsemail_Oct2013

This product is distributed by the same people as Ecotanka water bottle, which is one of my favorite environmentally friendly water bottles.

Trust me, this is a must try and then buy and buy product!

Eco Friendly Beauty Products – Review


2 thoughts on “Eco Friendly Beauty Products That Will Solve Problems You Never Knew Could Be Solved

  1. With all of my ongoing searching and researching I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this company before. Thanks for introducing me. Their deodorant recipe sounds a lot like what I’ve been making myself for a year or so. I tweak my ratios a bit every time, but I’ve generally been very happy with the results. I use coconut oil, shea, baking soda, arrowroot powder and sometimes some cocoa butter along with various essential oils depending on mood and season. It’s nice to know there’s a good product out there as an option. I’ll be looking into the bug balm. I’ve been using something from Badger Balm that I like a lot.

    1. I’ve been using baking soda LOL, that’s how badly I needed to do a bit better.

      They actually found me. Which I am sooo grateful for!

      Definitely a great brand and I’m a loyal user now, since I’m a bit lazy with my ingredients.

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