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Cruise Packing Tips To Make your Life Easier

Cruising is great fun. As more new cruise ships have been launched, it has become more affordable for the general population. The way cruise ships have evolved means that they are now more family friendly too!Four packing tips that are extremely useful for cruising. Check out this blog post to find cruise packing tips.

If you are going on your first cruise, you may be wondering what to pack. Until fairly recently packing for a cruise was very different from packing for a normal holiday. The main reason for this was that there was a strict dress code on many cruise ships; you had to dress formally for dinner. So here are my top tips to consider when preparing for your cruise…

Cruise Packing Tips

4 Cruise Packing Tips

Follow the advice given to you by the cruise firm
You are normally given cruise pack when you book. Try to read that pack a month or two before your cruise. This gives you time to get your vaccinations and visas sorted out should you need them. Set aside a special folder to take with you and tick them off your ‘to do’ list as you get each item or paperwork back.

General packing
It is also a good idea to make a list by mentally going through what you are going to be doing during the cruise. List out each item you will need to enjoy each activity or trip ashore.

For example, if you are planning to enjoy the on board climbing wall, you will need flexible and comfortable clothes. A tee shirt and jogging pants would be perfect. Most cruise itineraries give you the chance to enjoy some time on a beach, so you may need to pack some nice beachwear. If you want to hire a car whilst in port, you will need your driver’s license.

Bear in mind the time of year and the climate in the places you will be visiting. At night on a moving ship, it can feel cool even in an otherwise hot part of the world.

Taking the time to be thorough and put together a comprehensive list is always worth doing. Getting this step of the packing process right makes a huge difference to how much you will enjoy your holiday. Having everything you need to hand enables you to relax, and not miss out on any of the activities you want to do.

Packing formal attire if you need it
Until relatively recently, you had to dress for dinner on cruises, which meant you had to pack formal attire or at least smart clothes. Many cruise lines still offer you the chance to enjoy formal dining, so you can experience this aspect of cruising if you want to. If you do decide to pack formal attire try to choose clothes that do not crease easily. It is a good idea to use special dress and suit bags. Do not forget to pack accessories like jewelry to finish off your outfit.

Extra entertainment
There is a lot to do on cruise ships, but you also need to take your own entertainment. A pack of cards, some puzzle books or maybe a small craft project, are all good ways to pass the time.

Naturally, you will want to take your electronics too. You will rarely have a mobile phone signal on the ship. However, you will want to use it when you are ashore, so you need to be able to keep it charged. Most ships only provide limited power outlets in their cabins, so packing an extension lead is often a good idea.

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