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6 Things to Pack for a Dude Ranch Vacation

A dude ranch vacation is synonymous with cattle drives and horseback riding adventures, as well as fishing and hiking done the Western way. It is a type of all-inclusive vacation that is considered best for families, providing them with the perfect environment to relax and be with nature. If you are planning for a dude ranch vacation, here are some of the things that you need to pack for a dude ranch vacation. This is a quick packing list of things that you will need to take with you as travel tips.

people riding horses early in the morning on a dude ranch vacation

What do You need to Pack Ranch Vacation?

The Perfect Pair Of Boots

The first thing that you need to prepare for a dude ranch vacation packing list is the perfect pair of boots that you can use for horseback riding. Boots in plain hues are quite common, but some of the boots by Twisted X come with embroideries and accents that make for an authentic “cowboy” look. Nevertheless, it is best to go for those with a smooth sole with a heel that you can use to hook on your stirrups for your safety while you are in the saddle.

The Best Hat

Another thing that you should not forget to bring is a hat to complete your Western look while riding a horse. But more importantly, a wide-brimmed hat will offer you protection from the glare and harmful rays of the sun as well. Make sure that your hat has a firm but comfortable fit because the ride may prove to be bumpy, especially on mountain trails.

Riding Jeans

Lightweight and breathable jeans are the perfect jeans for horseback riding because not only are they comfortable, but they are also durable too. It is a good idea to wear a base layer such as a pair of tights underneath your riding jeans to protect you from chafing.

Rain Jacket

The weather in dude ranches can be unpredictable. Be prepared for any weather by bringing along a fully waterproof rain jacket that will allow you to still enjoy an outdoor adventure even when it suddenly rains.

Layers Of Clothing

Going for layers of clothing will help you withstand both cold and warm weather. Lightweight base layers underneath a long-sleeved shirt and a fleece jacket will keep you warm when the temperature in the mountain suddenly drops. Opting to wear layers will also keep you cool when the temperature suddenly rises because all you need to do is to take off your jacket or your long-sleeved shirt.


There are many activities in a dude ranch that call for a swimsuit, so to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of these activities, pack a swimsuit. In this way, you will get to enjoy the pool or a hot tub, as well as white water rafting or fishing.

a horse spotted on a ranch vacation


To wrap things up, make sure that you have the perfect pair of boots and a hat for your dude ranch vacation. Also include some riding jeans and a rain jacket in your suitcase, as well as layers of clothing and some swimsuits. Other general items that you need to prepare are sunscreen and insect repellent, as well as sunglasses and reusable water bottles. Once you have everything that you need, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your trip.

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