Dragonwood a Family Board Game That Bonds

A family that plays Dragonwood together, stays together. As corny as this cliche is, I have to admit this game truly bonds the family! I have tried tons of board games with my family and definitely Dragonwood and Ocean Labyrinth are my favorites (Here’s a review for Ocean Labyrinth in case you want to see it) but today I’m focusing on Dragonwood, here’s my take:

We got this game a while ago and for some reason put it on hold, thinking that my six-year-old is a bit too young for it. Finally, one day my oldest son had play day at school and was told to bring board games.

Since then, we have not stopped playing Dragonwood. During his play day, the entire class learned how to play. He ran home telling us all about the game. And, on top of that, my six-year-old plays better at it than all of us.

I won’t go into the details, because it’s a must-buy kind of game, but let’s just say there are dragon, grumpy trolls, unicorns, and strategy involved.

It’s truly one of the most enjoyable games we’ve played together as a family.

More Fun Facts about Dragonwood by Gamewright

  • This is such a fun game that has won five awards.
  • The game is perfect for families and kids 6 and older
  • It takes around 20 minutes per game – just beware you can play several times. It’s that addicting
  • Inventor Darren Kisgen submitted a prototype without a single illustration however it was so fun that the play testers were loving this fantasy-themed game in minutes.

Dragonwood a Family Board Game That Bonds

Aside from providing a fun time it also enhances the following skills:

  • Probability
  • Math
  • Strategic Thinking

About Gamewright

  • Gamewright was founded in 1994.
  • Its mission was to create the highest quality family games with play-value.
  • It now offers 50 games and has accumulated over 150 awards.

Check out more fun info about them on the Facebook Page.

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Last Updated on August 3, 2023

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