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Caravanning With Pets: Do’s And Don’ts of Caravanning With Dogs

Australia is built for the perfect road trip. The country is simply so huge and the surroundings so ideal, that you can’t help but hit the road. Four things to do and four things not to do if you go caravaning with dogs. In this blog post, you will find information on pet travel.

Seasoned travelers tend to make the same mistakes as first-timers who’ve just bought their caravan on Gum tree, a used car lot or elsewhere online.

Pet Travel - The Dos And Don’ts of Caravanning With Pets
Photo by: Andrew Bone

There’s a lot of advice out there about going on a road with your family, but today it’s time to focus on a particular member of the family – your pet.

There are a lot of blogs and articles about the dos and don’ts of caravaning with family, but almost none of them mention pet travel. That’s a bit frustrating considering most families would love to take their pets along with them on vacation.

Whether or not to take your pets along with you while you travel, is a genuine dilemma. They’re not as independent, and they do need special products and care while out of the house.

Add to this the strict Australian biocontrols and caravan park regulations, and you can see why this is a topic that needs to be discussed.

Caravanning With Dogs

The Dos

● Do check the rules about pets in the caravan park you’ve picked. Most of them do not allow pets. Some parks are pet-friendly. However, they’ll likely have special charges or rules you must follow, to have your pet tag along. Read up on the terms and conditions of each site, before you leave home.
● Do check national park laws on pets. Most national parks have to protect the native plants and animals, so you’ll have to leave pets at home. A lot of national parks allow pets, but there are strict rules, so read up on those too.
● Do make sure your pets are vaccinated and all their checks and registrations are up-to-date.
● Carry all necessary travel items your pet may require on the trip. Check a great list of items for dogs when camping or caravaning here.

The Don’ts

● Don’t underestimate the cost of traveling with pets. There are extra surcharges everywhere for pets. You might have unexpected medical bills if you have to take your pet to a vet away from home.
● Don’t forget to take your pet’s vaccination papers along with you. In case you have to leave your dog at the kennel while visiting a national park, the staff will require vaccination papers.
● Don’t forget your pet tags. Make sure all the details about rabies vaccination information, your name, your address and phone number and local contact numbers are on the tag.
● Don’t forget to pick up your dog’s droppings. That applies everywhere outside your house, of course.

There’s a lot of planning involved when taking your pets along for a holiday, but it gets easier over time.

Also, it’s so much more fun to have your cat or dog around that it makes all the extra effort worth it.

Just plan ahead and be aware of all the rules.

Have you had an experience with your pet or pets on holiday or while caravanning? Please share them with us.

One thought on “Caravanning With Pets: Do’s And Don’ts of Caravanning With Dogs”

  1. You have discuss the thing that a lot bloggers might forget to tell ie Caravanning with pets. For some people pets are like their family and leave them at home while travelling is somewhat not right. Now the point is how to travel with them, you discussed a point that only some caravan parks are pet friendly so one should check before which of the parks are pet friendly. You literally cut down the hustle bustle that might move in mind if you want to travel with pets. Nice Blog!!!

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