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Do’s and Don’ts at a Nightclub Lounge for an Amazing Nightlife

When you’re heading out for the evening, getting ready is at least half to the fun. Even more so if you are heading out in a holiday destination with best nightlife. Experiencing nightclubs and lounges, those like Penarrubia Lounge in different countries is beyond cool, and really something we should all do.
So you’ve saved your cash, booked your flights, packed your going out-out clothes, and are ready for the holiday, and nightlife experience of a lifetime – what now? Things to do and not to do when you got out to a Nightclub Lounge.In this article, you will find advice on the travel safety.

Nightclub Lounge for an Amazing Nightlife


  • Before you decide to fly out, you should spend some time researching the clubs you want to go to. There is nothing worse than winging it and spending your cash and time on a dead bar. Clubbing season typically lasts from May to October, so without a doubt, you have to book as soon as you’ve decided.
  • See if there is a party calendar for the location you are going to. There is nothing worse than arriving the day after the biggest bash of the summer.
  • Remember that each country has its own standards and expectations when it comes to attire. Some will require less skin on show, in somehow you address people will matter. Learn what is expected for the place you are going.
  • Check drink prices, and the conversion rate. While you might be used to £/$ 3 for a pint, or a cocktail in some cities, you might find yourself on the upper end of the scale. Spending way more than your thoughts because you didn’t check the exchange rate.
  • Split the cost of the lounge, VIP tickets and bottles between you and your group. You’ll all get way more for your money if you all contribute.
  • Put some change in the bottom of your bag, or the bag of your friend so that you have money for a taxi when you’ve finished dancing the night away.
  • Use a safety pin to attach your room key to your sock or bra strap. This way no matter how lively it gets, you won’t lose that all important key. If it is a keycard instead of a standard key, then use the zipped compartment of a bag.
  • Remember that often a lounge has a more relaxed vibe than a club only. Seated areas, tables and usually have a selection of snacks later into the evening.
  • Try new cocktails. Some of the most perfect holiday moments are sitting by the sea, sipping on a refreshing a fruity cocktail long after the sun has gone down.
  • Tip the bar staff. If you’ve worked in a bar, you’ll know just how stressful a shift can be, tipping great staff is just good manners.
  • Visit the lounge during the day, get familiar with the layout, where the steps are, say hi to the staff. The more familiar you are, the better your service will be in the evenings.


  • Get too drunk and get into the mentality of ‘what goes on abroad stays abroad’. You’ll embarrass yourself and the people you are with.
  • Be tempted just to show up and wait to get in. You might be there for hours in peak season, and pretty much anywhere you go will be packed out before you’ve even taken a sip of your first mojito.
  • Accept drinks from people you don’t know. While most clubs are pretty good on frisking patrons and ensuring safety, there is always a risk – no matter how high end the establishment.
  • Spend all your money. It is a good idea to take out only what you want to spend and leave your bank card in the safe at your apartment. This stops you getting too drunk and overspending.
  • Wear white shoes, or suede shoes unless they are treated. Between sticky floors, the dark, and slightly tipsy people they won’t remain white for long!
  • Leave your things unattended. It is so easy to leave your bag on the seats or your phone on the table, even for a second
  • Wander off without someone with you. It is super easy to forget which direction your hotel is in, and no one wants to spend a night on a bench – no matter how warm it is out there.
  • It might be tempting to get impossibly drunk and start dancing on tables – lounges just aren’t the place for this, so don’t.


When you are heading out to a different country to enjoy some fantastic nightlife, you should maintain respect for yourself and your environment at all time. Learn some of the language before you go using a mobile app, Google Translate app is ideal for this. But most important of all? Have fun!

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