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Dominican Republic: Travel Tips and Transportation Guide

The Dominican Republic has numerous great places to visit for those who are in need of a one-of-a-kind experience. As for any other trip, you should plan all the details to make the best out of it. You don’t want to experience any hassle along the way, so it’s always better check some travel tips out before putting any foot on the ground. The Dominican Republic is an amazing tropical country to spend more than a vacation. If you still looking for some advice, check this out.

Top Tips Before Hitting Dominican Roads

Dominican Republic
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The Dominican Republic occupies 2/3 of the Hispaniola Island. The Atlantic Ocean washes its Northern shores, and the Caribbean Sea surrounds the ones located in the Southern part of the country. This diversity of beaches available makes Dominican Republic a great travel destination. It has a tropical climate all year round, and the November to April season is the coldest one.

The oldest city in the New World called Santo Domingo is the capital of The Dominican Republic with around three million people. Its history and culture are so interesting and rich that you might want to explore them in depth. The official language of this country is Spanish, although there are other languages spoken. It is a good idea to learn some basic daily Spanish words to make your trip a little easier.

Tourist Destinations

Being part of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has been the favorite destination for many tourists. Travelers, sports personalities, and celebrities are attracted to this country. There are many foreigners visiting the country every day. That led hotel owners to the creation of 69,000 hotel rooms in total, which makes the Dominican Republic the country with the highest number of hotel rooms in the entire Caribbean. You need to arrange your trip well, to find a room that suits your needs, especially during peak seasons.


For those traveling, transportation is a concern for those who plan to visit multiple areas. It is one of the most crucial things to consider because using the means of public transportation can be very confusing and time-consuming. Thus, the best solution is to hire a car by a trustworthy rental service provider. The company we are proud to recommend is Transekur. They’re one of the most reliable car rental service providers in the country. They expertly offer the following:

1. Limo Service in the Dominican Republic Discover the country and let them treat you like a VIP. The Limo Service is available for Punta Cana and Santo Domingo trips. You can always arrange your pick up from the airport. Enjoy the rest of your stay with their latest SUV and limo models. Tinted windows ensure privacy while traveling and executive protection service is guaranteed. An experienced and accommodating driver will accompany you safely. For further comfort, cold beverages are available inside the vehicle. You also get a reliable Wi-Fi access throughout your journey.

Whether you are traveling alone, for business purposes, your honeymoon, or a sheer adventure, Transekur has got your back.

2. Limo Bus Service in the Dominican Republic Companies or friends who travel in large groups are fond of Transekur’s limo service. With leather seats in their newest models, this specific service can accommodate up to 20 passengers.

The group can hop from one beach to another or other tourists’ best-loved spots with comfort, ease, and security in Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. The driver always picks up its guests on time for corporate meetings or tours around in warm city vibes. Safety is a priority for us, and we ensure that our drivers follow policies to keep you safe.

Aside from the fact that their vehicles are insured against collision and liability, the Limo Bus Service is also equipped with real-time GPS tracking, first aid kits with basic medications, privacy emergency land, and air response coverage.

3. Chauffeur Services in the Dominican Republic Transekur’s chauffeurs are courteous, professional and polite. They are best trained to provide you an excellent customer service you will never forget. These drivers have undergone a thorough skill check and have gone through meticulous training, so they know what is crucial regarding your own safety and customer care.

Chauffeurs are also very familiar with the destinations. They can drive you to local restaurants, bars, concert venues, historical excursions, and more depending on your preferences. Booking this service makes your vacation even more convenient. Not only you get to enjoy your favorite destinations and the events organized in different cities, but you can rest assured that Transekur places your needs as a priority at all times.

Whether you want to visit the historical sites, enjoy beaches of pure beauty, dine at great restaurants, enjoy the city’s nightlife or travel anywhere you want in the Dominican Republic, Transekur will be your guide. You won’t ever worry about wasting your precious time setting your itinerary, locating the right places, and acquiring the right services, Transekur will help you focus on your travel and will provide you the relaxation you need on your vacation.

The booking process is simple, and the rates are reasonable. Transekur has also spent years in service, so you are sure to get a smooth experience in every ride. Get ready to travel with style and grace. Your travel will be more than memorable with a trusty transportation service by your side.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information for anyone looking to visit the DR. The DR is a amazing place to visit with a rich culture, food and many captivating villas and resorts to stay in during your time there.

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