Dominical, Costa Rica: A Beach Town and Surf Hot Spot


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Dominical is a beach town with a nice surfing beach with constant waves and a forest with hiking trails. Offering activities on water and land, making it a great place for a vacation. Today we’re going to be talking about Dominical Beach, Costa Rica

Dominical, Costa Rica

Dominical town is home to many places to stay, from guesthouses, airbnb to 3-star hotels, you can also find fast-food restaurants and other types of restaurants, and bars. It’s flanked by the Baru River, where its main street is located. There are a ton of activities, from land things to do like 4x4ing, horseback riding, bike riding, and bird-watching, to water activities like surfing, diving, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Where it’s located?

First of all, Dominical is located about 45 minutes south of Manuel Antonio. So if you’re coming directly to Dominical, it’s approximately a four-hour drive from the actual airport.

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Dominical Beach

The beach is not the most inviting beach because it has so much driftwood. However, it is, as I said, known for its surf. So that’s the coolest thing, and you can walk along for quite a while along the beaches there. They do have a very unique sense to them, but as I said, it is known as a surf town. So once you really feel it out and get the grip of it and understand, are you able to even surf in those waters?

Just be smart. Otherwise, if you are able to manage the waves, it is a really fun, adorable beach town with the vibe of your typical barefoot walking types of beach towns like those unique ones that are still in existence, small and really community style. 

Surfing in Dominical

Dominical is world known for its surfing and there have been quite a lot of international competitions in Dominical. What is important to understand, and this is really important, a lot of people who come to Dominical want to surf. A lot of those people don’t know how to surf.

Dominical is a place where it is for advanced surfers. If you want to learn how to surf, and you’re relatively new, this is not the place to go. Yes, there are plenty of surf schools and surf instructors. If you are new, and you want to learn, you need to work with them.


Dominical is also really well known for its undertow. There are constant drownings happening because people want to learn how to surf. They don’t understand that the waves there are for advanced surfers. This is not a swimming beach because the undertow is really hard. This is more for people that really could handle that element. And even then, the majority of somewhat so-called advanced surfers, are smart enough to go and get instructors to get adjusted to that particular beach.

I really want to stress this a lot. This is one of those places where way too many drownings happen, and a lot of fantastic trips with good intentions can become nightmares and tragedies. So please have that in mind.

woman sitting on a tree dominical beach costa rica

Dominical Town

Dominical is that the town itself is really adorable. So it’s only about one street, like the actual beach town. It’s got cute little restaurants.

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Fuego Restaurant and Bar

It’s got a really cool brewery which is really high class, like really top of the line. You could see that the owners put everything into it. It’s called Fuego. So it is a really cool place to check out. It’s a little bit, if not a lot, pricier than the other restaurants and bars. However, the quality of the place and the brewery is handcrafted beers. It’s really cool. It’s a huge property. They even have live music. So that’s probably like the coolest place to visit in Dominical.

woman in a bar costa rica flag dominical town costa rica

Street Vendors

The actual Dominical, the street is really fun, and then you walk onto the beach, and it turns into this dirt road that goes all along the beach. And the beach is where you’ll find a lot of street vendors selling different wooden carvings and jewelry and whatnot, and people are even camping on the beach. I’m not sure if I would really recommend that. I’m not positive about the safety of camping on the beach and then the actual beach.

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Last Updated on September 30, 2023

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