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Microchipping Your Dog for Travel Is a Must


Microchipping Your Dog for Travel Is a Must

kid holding a microchip for dogs

We are right now in the process of moving internationally and also traveling internationally with our dog. So I will be taking you through this series of moving and traveling with your pet Step by step so that you can make sure that everything flows because there are steps you need to take. Today we’re going to be talking about microchipping your dog for traveling.

Does my dog need a microchip to travel?

The first and foremost step you need to do for traveling internationally with your pet is to microchip your dog; while pets living in the US don’t need a microchip for everyday life, you’re probably going to need to microchip your dog for international travel or move.

This can be done quickly and easily with any veterinarian. I do recommend telling your veterinarian that you need a microchip because sometimes they do need to order it and could take a couple of days unless they have it in stock.

woman holding a dog for microchip

It will depend on your vet obviously, so this needs to be done. It has to be an international microchip. That is accepted worldwide. Once they put that in, they need to put it through a reader. So this is mainly necessary when you’re traveling with your dog. I recommend just having it done internationally. This way you don’t have to worry about it, but you can’t enter anywhere in Europe. Even the US and other countries really require you to have a microchip, so just get it done.

It’s not that expensive and it takes literally like 5 minutes for the entire process, so this is the first step that I recommend everybody get it done.

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