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Does PEMF Help Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition with fatigue and poor sleep. The condition is prevalent in a great number of the American population. The cause is unclear yet. The treatment involves medicines like amitriptyline, citalopram, gabapentin, and duloxetine. No doubt, many side effects are expected out of these drugs. One major drawback appears in the form of developing resistance to treatment. PEMF Help Fibromyalgia acts as the best adjunct therapy as it addresses the real cause along with helping with the symptoms.


PEMF and Fibromyalgia

To understand how the therapy helps in fibromyalgia, you need to understand the etiology of the condition. 

Fibromyalgia is more than a specific illness. It is a condition associated with a band of symptoms. Fibro patients often suffer from chronic pain, headaches, stress, fibro fog, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and sleeping disturbances. Fibromyalgia can be difficult to cure completely because of the differences in causes and undifferentiated symptoms.

Fibromyalgia has a close connection with low tissue metabolism. It results mainly due to the inefficiency in the mitochondrial electron transport chain. As a consequence, there is an accumulation of oxidative breakdown products. The oxidative stress thus created adversely influences the functioning of many body hormones and neurons, causing major fibromyalgia symptoms. 

  1. PEMF For Better Mitochondrial Function

PEMF is getting worldwide recognition for its pain-reducing quality. In that context, it is equally effective for fibro patients. If you have tested various treatments and are feeling hopeless still; give the pulsed radiations a try. The radiation works at a dual level; addresses the issue and helps with symptoms to improve the quality of life of the sufferers. 

As mentioned above, low tissue mitochondrial energy production is one of the reasons for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. An impaired circulation could be due to lower NO (nitric oxide) levels in the blood. The electromagnetic field cures mitochondrial damage by improving its oxygen-carrying capacity. PEMF works at a cellular level to reduce hypoxic damage.

  1. PEMF Improves Blood Flow

Patients suffering from fibromyalgia show evident signs of poor circulation. Pulsed therapy increases blood flow along with oxygen levels in tissue. Symptoms in fibromyalgia are interdependent. Improvement in one symptom leads to further curing other symptoms as well. For instance, reduction in pain provides much relief in chronic fatigue in fibro patients.

  1. PEMF Improves The Lymphatic System

The blood vessels perform the most crucial task of delivering useful products and collecting the wastes from each nook and corner of the body. The intricate lymphatic system of the body provides a rich supply of oxygen to the tissues. Any hindrance in the function results in necrosis of the tissue. In such a situation, the therapy stimulates the blood vessels to provide plentiful oxygen to the cells and tissues. It leads to a reduction in swelling and pain.

Furthermore, due to its neuroprotective nature; the electromagnetic field influences your entire neurological system to increase cells’ longevity. In short, incorporating PEMF in treatment leads to a marked improvement in

· Pain

· Better sleep

· Elevated energy level

· Enhanced oxygenation and circulation

· Nerve and tissue regeneration

· Muscles and nerves relaxation

· Stress reduction

· Improved immunity

Regular electromagnetic exposure increases the scope for permanent healing. Moreover, PEMF devices are convenient-to-use for fibro patients. What could be more convenient to use than a full-body mat? You can apply it while staying at home on a daily basis. Healthyline outlet is the best online PEMF device galore; where you find equipment and make the best comparisons among different gadgets. 


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is an easy, safe, and effective treatment for chronic pain and fatigue as in fibromyalgia without relying on drugs. Unlike medications that provide temporary pain relief; Pulsed-field therapy cascades the body’s healing processes to promote good cellular health and proper cellular performance.

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