D’Leyenda Boutique Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

D’Leyenda Boutique Hotel

The secret is ‘almost’ out. Among the Hotels in Antigua, Guatemala, there is an unbelievably lovely, super affordable, very central hotel that is a must-visit!

D’Leyenda Hotel, a six room, hotel is located half a block from the Central Park of Antigua, yet is peaceful, quiet and a special find.

D'Leyenda Boutique Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

Carmen Maria, the owner, has put her elegant tastes into decorating this tiny hotel.

Bed rooms at the D'Leyenda Boutique Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

The courtyard and terrace are great for enjoying the continental breakfast while watching the volcanoes surrounding Antigua do their own thing – either sit quietly or spurt out occasional puffs of smoke.

You can also request to use the jacuzzi on the terrace and being such a small, private hotel, chances are you’ll get it all to yourself.

D'Leyenda Boutique Hotel

Each room talks about a Guatemalan Legend and half of the rooms have working chimneys that the extra-friendly staff will gladly work for you so you can enjoy the coziness and not worry about the hassle of lighting it up and then cleaning up after it.

 Breakfast in D'Leyenda Boutique Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala

But the most incredible part of all. This luxury, boutique hotel is less than $100 per night including breakfast! How’s that for a find!

Stairs D'Leyenda Boutique Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala



Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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