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Diving the Mediterranean Islands of Malta and Gozo

The sheer diversity of sea life contained in what used to be the Azure Window sea arch is so astonishing that you’d have to see it to believe it. This underwater haven is one of Gozo’s most popular tourist attractions, as well as a true diver’s paradise that is teeming with colorful marine life.A glimpse into what you can expect when diving in the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo.Look this Mediterranean Islands family travel.

Diving in the Mediterranean Islands

Among the wonderful sights to be enjoyed in this unique underwater destination are marvelous white rocks with impressive etchings made by Mother Nature herself, underwater locations that are complete with complicated canyons and thin passages, all peppered with colorful fish and slick-looking sea weeds. Thanks to the growing number of diving holiday packages that are available, you can now access these and many other amazing experiences.

A glimpse into what you can expect when diving in the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo.

Due to the profound depth of the canyons in the diving locations in Gozo, divers of all experience levels can enjoy repeated dives and still have plenty left over to explore, and the deeper you go the more beautiful the scenery seems to get.

Diving in the Mediterranean Islands

Speaking of scenery, due to the Mediterranean’s changing tides, the rocks underneath the Gozo sea arch will probably change their appearance over time, so now is the best time to visit in order to experience it while it’s still fresh with transformation. In a few years, the entire area will be filled with underwater greenery, with little to no trace of the sharp edges of the man-made arch that are still visible today.

These remnants look remarkably striking as they slowly ‘blend in’ with the underwater environment, creating an awesome scene not unlike watching a rose grow from concrete, but in this case it’s more like concrete peeking out from under the sea.

Malta on the other hand, is great for scuba diving and snorkeling, as its waters continue to thrill underwater adventurers with plenty of reefs, caves and war time ship wrecks just waiting to be discovered, and many divers have been known to spend weeks and even months exploring the different locations and depths of this extraordinary coastline. Maritime mishaps are another common sight, as are artificial reefs.

Of particular interest is the Um El Faroud, a 360 ft. long tanker that sank beneath the Maltese waters in1998. Broken in two and at 115 feet underwater, this vessel contains massive holds and an impressive bow, rudder and prop, a combination that makes for a striking scene and a photograph-worthy memory.

Mediterranean Islands of Malta and Gozo

Best Time to go diving in Malta and Gozo:
The Mediterranean climate is typically pleasant for most of the year, but experts say that the best time of the year for diving in Malta and the island of Gozo is between the months of June to October, whereas January and February are the coldest and most undesirable months to go for a dive.

The best part is that most of the diving sites on offer are in close proximity to each other, so you can fully explore them all within a short time frame if you’re planning a short-term trip. However, if you have more time on your hands then you can also take a diving course to get certified as a diving instructor, while staying at any of the seaside luxury holiday villas, some of which have been customized to cater to your every need as a diver.

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