Utila Bay Island in Honduras: A Diving and Snorkeling Mecca


Utila Bay Island in Honduras: A Diving and Snorkeling Mecca

a woman standing on a dock surrounded by crystal blue water in utila

When I was in my twenties, I got PADI certification for my diving. I did it up north in the United States, around Rhode Island where the waters are murky and cold and really not the best conditions you could have for diving. When I started to travel to Central America, that’s when I started to hear that there are these bay islands off of Honduras right in the heart of the Caribbean. The water is crystal clear, you can see 200 ft in front of you and this is where you can also get your diving certification. That’s how I end up diving and snorkeling in Utila, Bay Islands in Honduras, and here’s my full experience.

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I was like, well I don’t need my diving certification, but I’m curious about Utila, which is one of the bay islands is one of the smaller islands is considered in the world to be the cheapest diving certification place and that you could do for your party, or you can become a master diver, and it is also one of the most ideal places to dive. 

The only thing with Utila is that the actual island of Utila does not have any beaches of its own. But you could take these tiny little boat ferries, these boats to take you like a few minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, 40 minutes to this other little cayes right there, little islands that are right there that have these pristine white sanded beaches and you could just bring your snorkel, and it is just precious. 

Have you ever thought of that little island with that one palm tree, two palm trees? I should say that you have enough for your hammock and coconuts just falling all around you and surrounded by crystal clear blue waters where you could see fish and starfish and touch them right there in front of you and the water is at 80°. This is what you could do on Utila if you don’t want to dive. And if you do want to dive and have a day off, Utila is an unbelievable location. 

woman laying on a hammock in utila

Getting Around in Utila

It’s a small little island. You can rent a golf cart to go all around it within less than a day, and again, you could take these boat trips to different restaurants that are located on these little isolated islands that have their own restaurants or just go and hang out in a hammock on the trip.

The town, it’s adorable. You could walk the whole thing. Maybe it will take you, you know 15 minutes to walk the whole thing with these different cool restaurants right on the water and you’re surrounded by crystal clear blue Caribbean waters.

a street fences and houses from utila honduras

Diving and Snorkeling in Utila

First, the water there is crystal clear with the reef about 200 ft easily that you could have on a good day. Plus, it’s one of the best places to dive or snorkel swim with whale sharks. 

Have you guys ever seen a whale shark? There are probably the most precious animals you could possibly see. But hey, if you’re not a diver, no problem. You can snorkel, you don’t need to go diving.

If you want to learn to dive or if you are a diver who wants to go into the next step. This is the place where you can get your certification super cheaply. And they also now have a really popular certification for free diving. Yes. You know those people that go 300ft underwater without anything, but you have to have you know you have to learn how to do that. They start teaching that as well.

crystal blue waters of utila in honduras


I really recommend it if you are going to be visiting the bay Islands. The most popular one is Roatan and I have an entire podcast just about what to do on Roatan. 

But you can also go to Utila. I don’t recommend that day, I definitely recommend overnight because the ferry takes about two hours to get there, and just so you know the fairy can get quite seasick. They do offer a Dramamine when you’re about to go there, but I really recommend you take the time to plan it out well.

So if you guys want a fun adventure, learn how to dive, or just go snorkeling and go swimming with a whale shark, Utila is the place to be.

people snorkeling in utila honduras

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Last Updated on May 31, 2023

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