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Visiting Disneyworld Animal Kingdom – A Unique Adventure Not To Be Missed!

It’s been too many years since the last time I visited Disney World in Florida. So long that I didn’t even know that they built an amazing animal park that is by far the king (queen) of all animal parks and safaris put together! The Disneyworld Animal Kingdom!

Another great option for kids to learn about animal is at the Jungle Island Zoo in Miami, I have a full blog post about it, make sure you read it.

disneyworld animal kingdom in florida

Things To Do In Animal Kingdom Disney World

Here’s Why A Visit to Disneyworld Animal Kingdom in Florida is a Must:

Kilimanjaro Safari

We have literally been on over ten different safaris. Granted none of them have been the real deal in Africa, but I’d say most were pretty amazing. But nothing can compare to this one!

safari at the disney animal kingdom in orlando fl

First of all, the cars and roadways are as if you are traveling through different areas of Africa.

animal safari at disney world in orlando

The animals you will see here are so close that you can practically touch them. In perfect habitats. We saw cheetahs (never before have we seen this). Plus a very endangered White Rhino.

white rhino at the animal kingdom in florida

A lion pride. And so many more animals that you wouldn’t see at a normal zoo setting or an under-budgeted safari. This seems to be the case when compared to Disney World!

lions at the animal kingdom orlando fl

Mount Everest Rollercoaster

Want to see the Yeti monster up close and personal? I have to say, this Mount Everest roller-coaster comes fully equipped with snow, total excitement, and a Yeti! DO.NOT.MISS.

Lion King Show

Each show seems to outdo the other show. Lion King was amazing. With enormous-sized animals (not real) and colorful African kings and queens (also not the real ones, but humans) and Simba, Pumba, and Timon (giant-sized). All with great songs and dance for everyone. Including my two years old, who was mesmerized the whole time.

Tree of Life

This tree is one of the exhibitions you see along the way as you stroll through the park. I don’t even think you can enter it, well at least we didn’t. But it’s so cool to look at as you study the fine design and characters sketched in it’s trunk.

big tree at the animal kingdom


Wanna party like the Africans. You can during a street party.

african style show at disney world

Drums, dancing, and tribal beats give you a good jolt of energy.


Each area is designed to imitate as though you’re visiting the continent. Granted it’s a bit hard to get all of Asia in, since it’s sooooo diverse with cultures and traditions. But as you walk along, the true colors are accentuated and each has a ride to go with it.


The animal exhibitions are actually part of nature trails with huge openings known as cages. Similar to a safari only walkable.

You can see Gorillas

gorillas of the animal kingdom by disney


tigers in disney's animal kingdom orlando fl

Komodo Dragons, are just a few of the insanely exotic, up-close encounters you can have. But there are soooo many more.

komodo dragons at the animals kingdom of disney

The trails are super easy, and stroller and handicap accessible.

Character friends

What’s a Disney day out without hanging with your favorite Disney Characters?

disney character everywhere at disney world animal kingdom


They do valet stroller parking for you. The only thing is, they don’t bring it out to you! I think we can manage to find our carriage after the attractions.

stroller parking in disney world

Important info for Animal Kingdom Disney

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Disneyworld Animal Kingdom – What To Do On Your Visit

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