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Disney World Tips – What to Do and Not to Do

Do you want to save money while visiting Disney?My family and I have visit to Disney World and here are some of the tips and tricks we learned.Get in on all of the Disney world tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do while visiting Disney World in Orlando.

Visiting this magical park is an awesome experience, but the reality of it is that it can be expensive. So don’t wait until you get there to learn how to avoid paying extra.

Disney World Tips

6 Disney World Tips to Save You Money

Top 3 Things TO DO

Stay at one of their hotels
Yes, they might look pricey but if you take into account that you won’t be paying additional fees for car rentals or transfers from the hotel to the parks it all starts to look better.

Plus you automatically get their electronic bracelets that are extra if you don’t stay at their hotels.

And you get to access the parks earlier than the general public and leave later on determined days.

Get your tickets before you get there
If you have followed my website for a while you are probably sick of reading my posts when I say that planning and booking ahead pays off.

I know, but it really works!

And in the case for Disney World, they almost always offer discounts for people who get their tickets early. Plus there are other services that offer great discounts. So take your time to navigate your options.

If you are planning a trip to Disney World buy your Orlando park tickets in advance.

Get a fast pass
I love love this and in my opinion will make or break your Disney experience.

Ok, so it might not save you money, but it will save you a ton of time making it possible for you and your family to make the most out of your time in the park.

By using the fast pass on the busier rides, you will be able to do much more in one day than if you had to wait 45 minutes to 90 minutes in line, per ride.

So you are essentially making the most out of your money.

Top 3 Things NOT to do

Stay away from additional amenities
Stuff like photo passes or entrances to water parks and more are available all around you and will be extremely tempting but do you really need them to take your photos when everyone in your group has a phone with a camera?

Will you have the time for a water park after all of the rides and attractions? And if you do, you can still go back to the pool at your hotel.

Don’t get bottled water or expensive drinks
It is important that you stay hydrated, but at the same time, you don’t want to be spending all of your money buying extremely overpriced water or drinks.

Especially when it is so easy to carry around your water bottle and there are water fountains everywhere.

Plus ALL of their restaurants will gladly refill them for free.

Bring your own food
Not a lot people know about this but you can actually bring your own food to the park. So my suggestion is to at least come in with your own snacks or treats. This simple thing will save you a lot of money.

These might sound simple but they are great for those looking to have a fun time without breaking the bank. So try them and let me know how it went.

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