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Disney World Information And Facts For Travelers – All You Need to Know

Disney is a dream destination for most people! Most of us know that if you are going to travel to Florida visiting the Disney parks is a must! They are all amazing in their own way and will guarantee hours and even days of fun for people of all ages.

Fun Disney World Information and Facts:

Animal Kingdom – This park has by far one of the best Safari we have ever visited. All of the habitats are well made and perfectly landscaped as though you are visiting Africa for real. But that’s just one of the many, many insanely and perfectly replicated attractions here. You can also see fun shows, being the best the Lion King show.

Disneyworld Animal Kingdom is a unique place where you can check out many endangered animals, meet your favorite Disney characters, explore the surroundings of the tree of life and even participate in dances and street parties.

tree of life at the Disney World Information and Facts

Epcot CenterThis is a huge park from Disney that was built to celebrate all of the most important technological accomplishments of humanity. It also showcases many interesting cultures from around the world.

For my family it was a fun place to visit and the best park to see Disney characters at Disney World. You can do it in a special room with A/C, carpets and seating areas. Trust me, it really makes a difference when it’s 100 degrees out and 100% humidity!

disney character at disney world

Magic Kingdom – Out of all the Disney parks this is the most famous one. Normally, if you have limited time, this will be the place to be. Aside from the rides, you have to stay late for the fireworks and laser parade shows at night.

When you visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom ask about the fast passes. If you follow the rules, they are a good way to avoid the extremely long lines on some of the most popular rides. And of course, you can’t forget about the characters that you can meet as you walk through the park.

disney castle at night

Hollywood Studios – Hollywood Studios in Disney World is a beautiful place with different areas that resemble settings from famous movies and sets. There are also exciting shows by characters like Indiana Jones and classic rides like the Tower of Terror.

This park is a lot of fun, however, if you are coming with small kids it might not be a great idea. I’d recommend this park only if you have time after enjoying and exploring the other three parks.

disney entrance

Questions for Traveling to Disney – My family’s trip to Disney was one of the hardest vacations I had to plan. That is because it is a huge place with four parks, there are so many options, and I was traveling with two small kids.

As you all know, I like to do lots of research about the places I am about to visit. This has allowed me to make the most of my trips. Because of all my questions and doubts, I learned a lot about Disney parks. Here are useful links that might help you and a list of Walt Disney World Questions answered.

Now that you have all the info, start planning your Disney adventure!

Disney World Information – All You Need to Know

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