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Disney Memories – Remembering Disney with Photos

disney world - mickey mouse

Making memories while traveling is the best memories kids can have. And Disney is the motherlode of where memories are made.

disney world - cinderella palace

Plus, it’s a great way for extended family to have fun together.

disney world - eating

Eat crazy stuff.

disney world - electric parade

No matter what – do.not.miss the Electric Parade. It will leave you speechless.

disney world - fireworks

Fireworks that all other firework shows work hard to emulate.

Animal Kingdom

Disney has four main parks, aside from Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom was by far our favorite.

animal kingdom - florida

It is extremely young kid friendly, with tons of cool playgrounds and other activities.

animal kingdom - dinosaur park


And animals. I would say it is something like a zoo, however, the cages are huge, bigger than some of the best zoos we’ve ever visited.

animal kingdom - tiger exhibit

An exotic, rare animals.

animal kingdom - komodo dragons

The Tree of Life is so cool to look at. You can’t do much with it other than study every inch of it.

tree of life - animal kingdom

How about a little jam session?

drumming in animal kingdom disney world

Gorillas troop

gorilla exhibit - animal kingdom

Africa street shows

african dance party - animal kingdom

Mount Everest – great roller coaster ride

mount everest - animal kingdom - disney world

The Safari is by far the best safari we have ever been on. And we have done quite a few. Not only the habitat is amazing, it’s the animals. They had the most endangered and rarest animals that are hardly ever in any zoo.

rhino - animal kingdom - disney world

Epcot Center

Epcot Center is fun with kids, but I would say it’s more of older kids and adults. The amount of international restaurants are astounding. Not something little kids can appreciate.

epcot center

Epcot has some of the best gift shops by far.

epcot center - hat fun

And fun rides.

epcot center - under the sea

Everything international – over 100 different soft drinks from all over the world.

epcot center - drinks from around the world

Sombrero boy

epcot center - sombrero fun

And of course plenty character visits and hugs

epcot center - donald and kid

The best part about Epcot are the shows.

epcot center - china circus

We love Pluto

epcot center - pluto time

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood studios was our least favorite

hollywood studios - entrance

Walk along studio streets

hollywood studios - streets

Check out real sets of different cities.

hollywood studios - amusement park



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