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Places to Visit in Ontario, the Most Populated Province in Canada

The license plate all over this province reads, ‘Ontario, Yours to Discover’. If that doesn’t say it all then maybe the breath-taking list mentioned below will. Ontario is considered to be the most populated province in Canada and it is known for its striking balance of scenic adventures and cultural richness. It has a wondrous combination of endless forests, vast wilderness, abundant wildlife and the growing city. Check Ontario off your bucket list by putting it on your Ontario trip planner and visit this place that contains at least one third of Earth’s fresh water.Five of the most amazing places to visit in Ontario that you shouldn’t miss while traveling in Canada.Take a look at this list of Ontario trip.

If you enjoy the outdoors, you should visit Elliot Lake in Ontario, one of the cleanest communities in the country.

Places to Visit in Ontario, the Most Populated Province in Canada

Thunder Bay’s Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant/Explore
Thunder Bay’s Sleeping Giant, Ontario by Barbara Walsh

Nominated as one of the Seven Wonders of Canada, the Sleeping Giant is an extraordinary, naturally formed rock peninsula, which leaves one feeling awestruck at its beauty. When viewed from the lively city of Thunder Bay, this rock formation looks just like a reclining giant. The park has steep cliffs rising up to 240 m, which is every adventurer’s dream. It is said that the Sleeping Giant was called Nanabijou, who was cursed to turn into stone when he ended up revealing the location of a silver mine.

Toronto Island

Toronto Islands
Toronto Island, Ontario by nicblockley

It is natural to crave for an outing from the bustling traffic and fast pace of city life in Canada. You don’t have to go far to do this either. Jump on a ferry and take a 10-minute ride to the Toronto Islands from the city’s harbor. These islands are scenic and have a wait-list for people who wish to own a home here. Be it wanting to take a peaceful walk around the island or just spend a fun day at the amusement park, these islands have got it all.

The beauty of Niagara Falls is a good places to visit in Ontario


Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls, Ontario by Artur Staszewski

A don’t-miss location on your Ontario itinerary planner has to be the Niagara Falls, which is viewed better from Ontario like every Canadian rightfully claims. The true essence of this spot has always been the same since time immemorial as it encourages everybody to appreciate the raw power of nature. Charles Dickens, a popular author once said that a man couldn’t stand any more near to God than he can from this spot. Every visitor fails to disagree as they see, feel and hear the powerful flow of water, roaring over the Horseshoe Falls. Walk through the tunnels hidden behind the falls, where you will have intimate encounters with the cold water. Your trip to Ontario and the falls is incomplete without going on a ride atop the legendary cruise ship, Maid of the Mist.

Thousand Islands is a good places to visit in Ontario

One of the Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands, Ontario by Benson Kua

If you continue several miles down the blue, sparkling St. Lawrence River from Kingston, you will see over thousand tree-lined islands along the river. It is an idyllic environment for swimming, boating, scuba diving and fishing in these clear but cold waters. Rent a kayak and explore the tree-filled islands or take a guided tour that casts off at Kingston. If you wish to keep yourself dry, you can walk around the Parkway of the Thousand Islands. Irrespective of whether you visit on land or by water, ensure you carry your passport with you as the location borders with the US.

Try some Wolf Howling

A must-do on your Ontario travel planner is to get in touch with your inner primal self and howl like a wolf at the moon. The Algonquin National Park is located between the Ottawa River and Georgian Bay, where naturalists gather in for public howling on Thursdays. Apart from watching a slide show about these moon creatures, you can also hear the elusive animals howl back in response.

Whether you want to reconnect with your inner self and nature or you want to enrich yourself multi-culturally, Ontario is the place to experience it all in. Let Ontario welcome you and surprise you.

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