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Visit Moscow, Russia’s Amazing Capital with Royal Orchid Holidays

Moscow is a city of contrasts, the ancient and modern walk hand in hand through the 21st century. The country’s history, often turbulent and controversial, is colorfully evident throughout Moscow. From the Tsars to dictators, from the fall of communism to democracy, Moscow is a fantastic window of historical understanding.Five of the most amazing things to do when you visit Moscow.Look at this list of some of the best that the Russian capital has to offer

Visit Moscow

5 Places to check out when you Visit Moscow

Red Square, the Iconic Epitome of all that is Moscow

For many, its name is associated with communism. In fact, the truth is very different. The word krasnaya, which means red, is associated with the word krasivaga, which means beautiful. It is from this word association that the square was named. The name Red Square being held up as a symbol of communist oppression was a western perception.

Allow yourself to be Wonder struck by Saint Basil’s Cathedral

On the orders of Ivan the Terrible in 1555, work began on what was then the Trinity Church at the southern end of Red Square. Later named after St Basil the Blessed, the cathedral became a museum. The facade, with its red brick and colorful onion domes, could have come straight from a child’s fairy tale.

Each of its domes represents a separate chapel, connected by a labyrinth of passages. Throughout there are ornate decorations representing the importance of the site and in remembrance of Saint Basil.

A “Must Visit” for Shoppers, GUM, the State Department Store

GUM State Department Stores are a throwback to the Soviet era and can be found across the country. The most famous of these stores is to be found on the eastern side of Red Square. Lit up at night, its 242-meter frontage is a spectacle that must be seen.

Originally commissioned by Catherine II, the store was destroyed by fire in 1812 and has been rebuilt twice since then. Everything is available to buy at GUM, fashion, jewelry, household goods, food, there’s nothing you can’t buy here. An entire day can be easily consumed within this magnificent building.

With a visit to Red Square travelers can also see Lenin’s Mausoleum and the State History Museum. Visitors should see Red Square during the day and at night to appreciate its wondrous splendor, and it is easily accessed by the Okhotny Ryad Metro Station.

Be it Famous or Infamous, the Kremlin is an Enlightening Destination for all Visitors

The Kremlin is situated on the banks of the Moskva River, and this gargantuan edifice is surrounded by red brick fortified walls. It has been home to tsars, Soviet dictators and now is the seat of the country’s democratic government.

Entering the Kremlin, visitors can explore many of the buildings which are built around five squares. Look on in awe at the world’s biggest bell, the Tsars Bell which weighs 216 tons. There is the mighty Tsars Cannon, a 40-ton goliath that was drawn by 200 horses. Everything about the Kremlin shouts about the power of the state.

Feel the Sights and Sounds of Arbat Street

This historic street was once purely residential, aspired to by the well healed nobility. By the 1700s it was attracting trades people and vendors and slowly morphed into a thriving retail area.

Today this pedestrian thoroughfare is popular with tourists. Superb cafes, restaurants and bars coexist with vendors selling a plethora of retail goods. Street performers and artists complete what is the perfect picture. After visiting Arbat Street you will quickly realize that once is not enough.

Moscow can certainly take the visitor on an historical learning curve. As well as thrilling and amazing, it is fun, colorful and inspiring and will leave an indelible impression on each and every person. You can see and feel the experience of Moscow with unbeatable packages here with us at Royal Orchid Holidays.

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