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Digital Nomads: Must-Haves For Every RV

With the rise in entrepreneurs, freelancers and the gig economy, we are seeing a shift in the way we work. The desire for work-life balance, paired with the advancements of technology, have drastically altered the professional landscape. Opening the door for digital nomads to start a life on the open road.Four important things these you must get for your RV when you plan to go out on a road trip.This is a list of Must-Haves For Every RV.

Digital Nomads are people who carefully decide they want to live an alternative lifestyle. They are often very polished professionals, despite their always-changing geographical position, that have chosen to live the flexible work movement, remotely, from anywhere in the world. Often traveling abroad and using technology, communication tools, and online resources to complete their work and operate their business.

Must-Haves For Every RV

A typical way of living the nomadic lifestyle is by buying an RV. Owning an RV opens up the possibility for endless adventures, giving you a sense of freedom with a limitless lifestyle.

However, in order to be a functioning digital nomad, you need to set up a dedicated office space to make sure you can still do your job. Assuming you already invested in gadgets like a good laptop, a smartphone and headphones. Here are a few things you will need for a connected mobile office.

Top 4 Must-Haves For Every RV

Power Source

While one of the perks about being a digital nomad is that you can work anywhere; hotels, AirBnB’s and coffee shops, even poolside. You will still need a power source to make sure you can confidently work from anywhere on the road, especially in more remote areas.

As the sun travels with you, it is a good idea to set up some solar panels on the roof as a primary power source to help you run your office space.

Although, you might also want to have the ability to watch TV, use a kettle or power the air conditioning, which means you’ll need a stronger source of power. Luxury items like these won’t run off the battery or solar panels alone because they supply 12V DC. These items need 120V AC. I found the best way to solve this was by using an inverter for my RV.

Having a good inverter means it does not matter where you pull up for the night or where you park to do a bit of work, you’ll be covered.

Internet Connection

The internet is the key to modern-day connectivity and this is no different for the digital nomad, with work starting and ending with the internet. This is why you must set up a strong network that won’t stop you from reaching deadlines.

As typically, your mobile phone will have a hotspot, when traveling many nomads find themselves working from their phones. Although, this can be costly, temperamental, as well as it means your phone battery is always needing to be charged.

It is best to install something a little stronger. There are two options you can look into hooking up the wifi in your van. Mobile wifi devices that plug directly into your laptop or external wifi hotspots which will let you connect multiple devices.

Digital Storage

When you are a digital nomad you need to make sure you have adequate storage to store files containing vital content and data, do your job. Your time is too valuable to be spent sorting through files, deciding what to keep. Not to mention you want to have a bit extra to store photos and videos of your travels.

While it is always best practice to keep an extra external hard drive, I would strongly recommend cloud storage services, it gives you the ability to back up your work without having to carry too much hardware.

Set Up A Good Work Space

While the perks of digital nomadic life are endless adventures, it does mean that you downsize your living space. This is why it is important to be organized and create a versatile home that enables you to have a comfortable workspace.

Whether that is with smart storage options or by creating an awning to let you work outside. Having a designated office space will ensure you maximize productivity, getting you into work mode.

Being a digital nomad can be exciting and adventurous. It is an awesome way to travel, connect with new communities, all while reducing your carbon footprint. If you follow these guidelines and set up your mobile office space accordingly you can avoid the small work-related issues that being out of the office brings. Ensuring that you can truly live the best of both worlds.

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