Different Types of Rooms in Luxury Hotels

Every luxury hotel has a variety of different rooms on offer to its guests. Variety is important because different guests have diverse room needs and specifications. The rooms found in luxury hotels are categorized according to room size, number of occupants, decor, as well as the luxury amenities available. It goes without saying that the larger a room is, and the more facilities it contains, the more expensive it will be.

Knowing the type of room you will need when looking for a hotel to stay in will help you budget accordingly. That’s why I decided to list the types of rooms in hotels that you can find around the world. Learn all about the hotel recommendations.

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Different Types of Hotel Rooms

Hotels usually have their own variation of rooms. However, the following are the major types of rooms you can expect to find in a luxury hotel.

Hotels usually have their own variation of rooms. However, the following are the major types of rooms you can expect to find in a luxury hotel.

One-bedroom suite

A one-bedroom suite in a hotel usually contains a bedroom connected to a living area. In most luxury hotels, the one-bedroom suite comes with a spacious and fully furnished kitchen, as well as a lounge and separate bedroom. If you are a solo vacationer, or a couple, then the one-bedroom suite will be ideal for your needs.

Studio suite

A studio suite is usually smaller than a one-bedroom suite and consists of a partitioned large room. In some hotels, you can find a small kitchenette within the studio suite, as well as separate bathroom amenities.

There is a huge difference between the studio suites found in luxury hotels and those found in regular hotels. In luxury hotels, the studio suites are usually more spacious and contain a variety of luxurious amenities, as well as numerous perks and benefits.

For instance, the studio suites found in the Sudirman Hotel come equipped with a free high-speed internet connection, free mini-bars, complimentary short-term use of meeting rooms, air conditioning, a safe, as well as access to the executive lounge.

Residential Suite

This is usually the most expensive room in a hotel, and offers the best in terms of luxury, decor, and available amenities. In most five star hotels, the presidential suite will usually include two or more bedrooms with exquisite furnishing and upholstery. The suite will also have an expansive living area with rich decorations, as well as top of the line room amenities and supplies.

You can expect to find large flat screen TVs, a dining area, as well as a meeting area in the living room of a presidential suite. Occupants of these suites also have access to an adequately spaced kitchen where they can have a private cook prepare some of their meals.

Furthermore, the presidential suite also comes with bespoke services such as a personal butler, cook, and help for optimum guest comfort and satisfaction. The size of a presidential suite can range between 82m2 and 350m2.


If you love to swim, and would like to have direct access to the hotel’s swimming facilities, ask if there is a cabana available when booking a room at the hotel. A cabana is a room that is attached to the hotel’s swimming pool.

However, in some luxury hotels, you can find cabanas that are directly attached to their own private pools. This is the perfect room if you are looking for some privacy for yourself and your romantic partner.


Villas are quite a common accommodation option in resort hotels. The villa is a large, stand-alone house equipped with modern amenities as well as enough space for numerous occupants. In most instances, the villa has its own private balcony, swimming pool, and Jacuzzi.

It is suitable for large groups of people that are on holiday together such as a large group of friends, family members, or several couples that wish to vacation together. Villas are also ideal when you are looking to have some private time with the ones you love while being surrounded by ultimate luxury.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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