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A Diaper Backpack that Will Surprise You – Guaranteed!

Bern Diaper Backpack by Obersee

Confession time!

I got the Obersee Bern Diaper Backpack as a gift for a friend who was pregnant for her baby shower.

Since I live overseas, I bought it in the States to bring it back to Guatemala. Over buying, a common occurrence when visiting the US, I realized the day of our flight back that I have way too much stuff and that’s when I spotted the diaper bag.

Why the Bern Diaper Backpack Is Much More Than for Diapers!

I decided to take it as my backpack. It was large enough as a personal item, not a carry on.

It has a computer section as well.

However, that’s not all.

It is one of the ‘smartest’ most fashionable diaper bags I have yet seen.

  1. It doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all!
  2. It has all the compartments that is necessary for mamas for all the baby stuff you can imagine.
  3. Those same compartments can be used for a non mommy as well.
  4. And the cooler for the bottles can be used on its own for water and, in my case Gatorade for my family during competitions.

Extra Features that the Diaper Bag Comes With

  1. Cooler – which I mentioned above, is vital for bottles.
  2. Diaper changing pad that conveniently can be placed inside and not take up any space
  3. The spaces inside are ample and you can fit so much more than it looks. And the best part, it doesn’t look bulky at all.


This is now my ONLY backpack.

I love it more than any of my other computer backpacks. It’s so comfy and has special contours for my body.

I got my friend another one, because it will not only make a super diaper bag, but I can see from my own use that it will last a long time and she can then enjoy the bag after her baby stops needing a diaper bag.

For the price, you get so much more. My last backpack was around the same price but had half as many comportaments and the comfort and ease of it can’t compare.

Believe me when I say this – This totally took me by surprise and if I didn’t over buy and need it last minute, I wouldn’t have had any idea this would be the result.

Needless to say, I am so happy it happened!

Instagram: @oberseeusa

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