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Develop Your Palate Through Exclusive Wine Tasting Tips

With grapes being the star of the show, wine tasting is something all of us have dream of! The sweet and bitter taste with some authentic secondary and tertiary aroma gives a satisfying finish to your taste buds.Eight Exclusive Wine Tasting Tips that will allow you to develop your palate and have way more fun with wine.Look Exclusive Wine Tasting Tips

Entering a cold, furnished tasting room while your belly is buckling up for a new favorite, there’s a method to enjoy this madness. With tasting rooms providing overwritten menus and ebullient staff, let’s find some exclusive tips to follow while attending a wine tasting.

Exclusive Wine Tasting Tips

8 Exclusive Wine Tasting Tips

1. Spice It Up

Whether it’s visiting a wine tasting room or a casual dinner at a vineyard, dressing up is always a prudent idea! For no spills or fall, women wearing cute dresses with dark colors is a perfect choice. Flat sandals or convenient sneakers are something you should be rooting for. For men, dressy shorts or pants with a designer T-shirt is a top-level wine fashion! Just a pinch of your stylish sneakers and you’re good to go! However, make sure you dress accordingly to the tasting description given for a better choice.

2. Dine Before Wine

Going for a wine tasting tour and getting buzzed on an empty stomach isn’t something you would want to do. But don’t overeat, especially foods with a strong aftertaste, to avoid any lingering effect on your smell or taste palate. Eat an hour before the tasting to keep your stomach full while having zero sensitivity to your taste buds. Subtle flavored, neural meals with some healthy options is something you should opt for on tasting days. And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated throughout!

3. Spit And Dump

With tons of wines being offered during the tasting, spitting is a safe choice for most people, as one wouldn’t want to forget the rest of their night by having only one particular drink. Spitting buckets are available on every table for spitting wine as you go. Sometimes, tastings can include large pores, so dumping wine is the best choice. It might look disrespectful but take all your heart and do it, as you wouldn’t get the other wines’ flavor if you’re drunk and wasted.

4. No Heavy Scents

Every wine enthusiast knows that it’s completely disrespectful and inelegant for someone to wear a fragrance or a cologne at a wine tasting. The smell has a direct relationship with the taste; hence you wouldn’t appreciate the gentle aroma of any wine. So, be careful and avoid any unwanted scents that can act as a barrier for your taste buds. Avoiding hair sprays and lotions is a must, too, so that you can have a refined experience with your wines! 

5. Etched And Stained

Imagine going for a wine tasting, and you stain your teeth with the delicious looking red wine? You wouldn’t want to ruin the appearance of your smile. The acids in wine react with the enamel of your teeth that give a little purple tint. To avoid it, try brushing an hour before the tasting, and make sure you drink water regularly. Carrying chewing gum for your after-party is a great way to avoid these stains!

6. Take Notes

With a variety of wines being offered for tasting, it can be difficult to memorize each one of them with precision. Hence, taking notes of the various wines and their authentic aroma is a must for a more knowledgeable experience. Most wineries provide sheets to list down the tastes, and if not, you can always document the wines with the help of your phone camera.

7. Enjoy Around

Sometimes, wine tasting can be electrifying, especially for those that are religious followers of wine. So avoid any seriousness, and enjoy the entire experience! Notice the various informative surroundings, and capture them for future references. Talk to people and make it a memorable experience for everyone around you!

8. Talk To Winemakers                                     

If you’re a wine aficionado, detailed knowledge of the process behind it is a must. Going to various wine tasting rooms and talking to winemakers can be a great way to get the information you need! Tour guides make your wine experience more fun and memorable while giving a detailed story behind every bottle you taste. At various tasting rooms, wine is served by professional winemakers, who give you in-depth knowledge. So, seize the opportunity and educate yourself on the multiple wines around you.


Coming from personal experience, these are some of the best tips to follow at a wine tasting; therefore, avoid yourself from any embarrassments while getting the utmost knowledge. Niagara Vintage Wine Tours offers some exclusive personalized wine tours for anyone wanting to get to know their wine better. The wine is poured by experienced winemakers and winery owners, so grab your opportunity and make the best out of it. While providing an in-depth educational guide, they give an exquisite culinary experience to its customers. So book your immersive wine tasting tour with them today for an experience like no other!

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