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3 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Disney Fantasy Cruise Inauguration

I had the unbelievable honor of being invited to the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy cruise. During this trip, I was able to thoroughly explore the boat and have fun at the off cruise experience in Castaway Caye. However, there is a good reason why I don’t go on a lot of cruises. I […]

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Top Kid-Friendly Places to Visit in West Palm Beach

Paӏm Beach City is loсаted by the west coast Fӏorida beaches, iѕ a city fulӏ of fun. The placе is widely known as the Ρlayground for the rіcһ. Peopӏe from aсross the countrу usually cоme herе to sрend a vacation. Іt offers a lot to іtѕ vіsitors including wildlіfe refuges, parkѕ аnd sanсtuaries apаrt from […]

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5 Secret Adventures to Do With Disney Off Cruise – Castaway Caye

According to my family’s ratings, the Disney Fantasy Cruise out tops other cruises with luxury and fun. But I have to say that the Disney Off Cruise Experience at Castaway Caye in the Bahamas, a private island owned by Disney, really did it for me. We did this as part of the Fantasy Disney Cruise […]

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Palm Beach – Not Just Another Zip Code

What do you know about this number: 33480? Not a whole lot if you’re not jet setting from one coast to the other. However, Palm Beach Florida is ranked as one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States. What does this mean to my family and me? Not a whole lot since […]

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A Family Visit to Palm Beach Zoo in Florida

Imagine 45-degree weather, outside, zoo hoping – this all sounds ok if you’re anywhere but Florida! While visiting my parents in West Palm Beach where the weather is always between 65 – 90, we decided to hit Palm Beach Zoo the only day of the entire year where it practically hit arctic digits! Luckily, we […]

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Discovery for Kids – Science Museum in Florida

Science Museums are probably the most fun and educational places to visit with your kids of all ages. When we visited my folks, who live in West Palm Beach in Florida, I always look for fun activities with my kids, more for my own stimulation than theirs. Since they have more than enough to do […]

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Visiting Universal Studios from Central America

If you are a family already living in Central America or that loves to explore Central America you might want to experience something in combo with your trip here. Don’t get me wrong, Central America offers amazing destinations and things to do, but doing something a bit different every once in a while can be […]

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Visting and Experience The Magic of Hogwarts

A lot of Travel Experta’s readers are not only visiting Central America, but they actually live here. And I get tons of queries about fun trips to do that is close to Central America for families. Florida is not only conveniently close, but has sooo much to offer. Here’s a great example of what to […]

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