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Find where you can eat, stay and play when visiting South Florida.

Clematis Street West Palm Beach

Clematis Street, known for being West Palm Beach hot spot for wining, dining, going out and window shopping is also the historical heart of West Palm Beach. As you walk through the streets you can find many beautiful buildings and … Continue reading

What To Do With Kids in Miami Beach Photo Essay

What To Do With Kids While Visiting Miami Beach Check out artsy Art Deco buildings on Miami South Beach Strip Sun Worship and build sand castles on hot beaches with blue waters Spend all your money with all the great … Continue reading

South Beach Miami Florida

South Beach Miami Florida! Definitely a unique place to visit. There are really two ways to go about viewing this place. 1. Either step back and accept that this is a place of absolute show-off-the-money and look at my brand new foreign … Continue reading

Christmas in City Place West Palm Beach

What is City Place West Palm Beach Florida? Good question. Up until a couple of years ago, I thought it was just the center of West Palm Beach. Technically, it is. But it’s way more fun than just a center! … Continue reading

Sailfish Marina Buffet Breakfast, Restaurant in Florida

What’s a great way to spend quality time with the family? Pigging out at a restaurant in Florida with a breakfast buffet, with tons of bacon and even better views. The Sailfish Marina in West Palm Beach is the right … Continue reading

Two Options for Sport Fishing in Palm Beach

Because of the unique conditions of the territory where South Florida is located, the intracoastal water ways are much more than a beautiful place to enjoy the sun and relax. They are also a place rich in marine life due … Continue reading

Things to do in South Florida – Boat Tours

Florida is surrounded by water so it only makes sense to enjoy and explore the coast to the max. There are tons of things to do in South Florida, but best way is to expore it by going on a … Continue reading

Mexican Food the Rocco Taco Style – Romantic ‘Night’ Out

Eating out with our kids is one of those things that looks great on paper, but in reality isn’t all that much fun. If you want to sit back and enjoy a drink and savor the meal, it’s best not … Continue reading

Duck Boat Tours – What a Cool Date!

Having two small kids is super fun. And traveling with them is probably the best times of my life. However, as any mom (and dad) will tell you, having an adult conversation that uses words that are two or more … Continue reading

Jungle Island in Miami – Much More Than a Zoo – Florida

The main draw that I had for Jungle Island in Miami Florida, while doing searches for what to do with kids in Miami, was their animal interaction tours and shows. Walking past animal enclosures is one thing, but having contact … Continue reading

Miami Metro Zoo – Pioneer for Cage-less Zoos

Few zoos truly can call themselves cage-less. Yet many (too many) pretend to fall into that category. In my opinion, long gone are the days of where animals are boxed into small cages where they stressfully pace back and forth … Continue reading

Japanese Gardens in South Florida – Morikami Gardens

South Florida and Japan have a long history together – much to my surprise. I have always found the Japanese culture to be truly different and intriguing, and have been pulled many times to visiting Japanese Gardens wherever I visit. … Continue reading

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami Florida

Museums and kids can be an odd combination, if it’s not the right type of museum. During my search for places to visit in Miami with my family, I found Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and was instantly pulled in. The … Continue reading

Florida’s Everglades – The Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

If you look on the map of Southern Florida, you’ll be amazed as to how large the Everglades really are. It’s been a long dream of mine to visit the park and really sink my teeth into all it has … Continue reading

Flamingos, Gators and So Much More – Flamingo Gardens, Fort Lauderdale Florida

Kids and animal parks seem to be a synonymous thing these days.  Kids simply can’t get enough of animals. However, after being to so many zoos, I am constantly on the look out for something different and fun – I think more … Continue reading

Pirate Ship In Florida – Yes It’s True!

What to do with kids while visiting grandparents is always a concern for me. Chances are, eventually, after the initial excitement of opening presents and being doted on 24 hours a day wear off, I’m faced with kids constantly asking … Continue reading

Beach Resort for the Family – Miami Beach, Florida

We’ve started a new tradition. For the past four years in a row we’ve gone on a family vacation in Florida to visit my parents. This year, we decided to spread our wings and make it more than just a family … Continue reading

3 Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in South Florida

As a frequent traveler that loves to explore the world with my family, it’s important to be creative. You neeto to balance the touristic things you want to do and to find things to do to keep the kids entertained. So, … Continue reading

2 Kids Museums in Florida – South Florida

A great way to learn about the place you visit is to visit museums. They will tell you the stories of the place in an interesting way. However, regular museums tend to be boring for kids (and most adults) because … Continue reading

7 Wildlife Conservation Centers in Florida

If you are a nature lover the best way for learning about local flora and fauna is visiting wildlife rescue or conservation centers. Here you can see local animals, learn about wildlife of the region and sometimes you even get … Continue reading

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