Playa Tunco and Sunzal

Fun Info About Playa Tunco and Sunzal

Playa Tunco and Playa Sunzal are some of El Salvador’s most popular beaches. These beaches are ideal spots for experienced surfers due to their great breaks. But are also perfect for beginners. Beach bumming, surfing, watching the sunsets and simply enjoying the moment is what it’s all about here!

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Hotels in Playa Tunco and Sunzal

Since Playa Tunco and Sunzal are becoming such a popular surf destinations for professional surfers, beginners and everyone who simply loves the beach there are a bunch of small, yet super unique hotels to chose from here,
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Fun Things To Do In Playa Tunco and Sunzal

Surfing is not the only thing to do in these adorable beach towns of El Salvador.
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Restaurants In Playa Tunco and Sunzal

El Salvador is a tiny Central American country known for their famous, traditional & delicious pupusas. However if you explore the towns along the coast you will see that they are also great when it comes to preparing sea food. Here are some restaurants I recommend:
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General Information about Playa Tunco and Sunzal

There are tons of great things that you can learn about these gorgeous beach towns.
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