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A Traveler’s Guide on the Top Things to Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is a beautiful beach town of Costa Rica that is located really close to San Jose City, in the Central Pacific region. This area is well known for its luxury hotels and wide selection of tours. There are also … Continue reading

A Traveler’s Guide on the Top Things to Do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde is known as Costa Rica’s living natural history museum because of the amount of flora and fauna that you can find in it. It is also a great place for adventurers because of the number of tours that are … Continue reading

How to Get From Utila to Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras

Roatan is the largest and most popular of the Bay Islands of Honduras – and for good reason. It has the most beautiful beaches, great snorkeling and diving, top notch resorts and hotels. It’s also the easiest to get to … Continue reading

Hotel Reviews – Laguna Beach Resort in Utila, Honduras

Utila is one of the smaller Bay Islands of Honduras but is ranked number two in the world when it comes to diving and becoming PADI certified – which is no easy feat to attain! Utila is also known for … Continue reading

Underwater Submarine Tour in Roatan, Honduras – Once in a Lifetime Experience!

A few months back I read an article somewhere online that in the world there are only four-passenger submarines that can take you on a deep-sea exploration to depths of up to 2500 feet underwater. I’m not a diver, as … Continue reading

18 Fun and Interesting Cuba Facts for Travelers

Cuba is the largest island of the Caribbean Sea and a place with such a turbulent yet interesting history. Also when you talk about this country you can’t forget about the unique culture of its people. Just researching for my … Continue reading

Costa Rica Sportfishing Travel Guide

Come to the mecca of world-class sport fishing. The deep blue warm waters of Costa Rica (Caribbean and Pacific) are full of marlin, mahi-mahi, sailfish, tarpon, snook-to name a few, year-round. Sportfishing is one of the best things to do … Continue reading

Baby Sea Turtle Release Tours – Guatemala Sea Turtles

On the Pacific coast, outside the town of Montericco, Guatemala, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to see, learn, and volunteer with a turtle conservation project. Plus, you can participate in one of life’s miracle moments by releasing a baby hatchling … Continue reading

Review of an Exclusive Caribbean Mansion Resort in Honduras

Ages ago I remember watching shows like ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ and thinking that would be a super cool way to travel. But chances are, I thought, that they are totally out of my price range and unattainable … Continue reading

Unraveling the Mystery of Eating Out in Cuba – Restaurants in Havana

Where to eat in Cuba while on vacation? That’s a good question since they have such a wide variety of choices, other than the obvious places you normally visit. There is so much more than just restaurants in Havana. What … Continue reading

Top 7 Things To Do In Havana, Cuba

The number of things to see and things to do in Havana, Cuba will surprise you with its enormity! I couldn’t believe it when I first started researching before our trip Where to start is always a big question for … Continue reading

Luxury Guide to Sport Fishing in Guatemala

Internationally acclaimed for one of the world’s best Sail fishing. Thanks to the strong currents coming from the west to east from the Mexican coast and then turns back hitting the coast of El Salvador creating an enormous, natural occurring … Continue reading

How to Get Around Havana – Guide to Transportation in Cuba

This must be one of the best parts of traveling to Cuba. At least it was for my family. For a country that still resembles what it once was in the 1950’s, only a lot more abandoned, you will be … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know for Visiting Cuba with Kids

Traveling with kids anywhere is a challenge. And my family and I have done quite a lot of traveling with our two sons (one year old and seven) to many Latin American Countries. But only for our Cuba family vacation … Continue reading

Facts about the Noth Caribbean Costa Rica Beaches and Tortuguero

The North Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is famously known as the ‘Port City of Limon’. It consists of a cluster of freshwater canals and wetland areas, surrounded by thick rainforest heaving with wildlife and 22 miles of protected black … Continue reading

15 Fun El Salvador I Bet You Didn’t Know…

Every country has it’s unique twist and fun things to learn. As small as it is, El Salvador in Central America also has a few fun things that every traveler might enjoy knowing. Below is a list of some of … Continue reading

Top 17 Things to Do in Cuba – My Bucket List

Cuba here we come! Cuba is one of those places that us, United States abiding citizens, are nervous to venture to or simply have blocked it out of our minds due to the so called never ending embargo! With all … Continue reading

Boat Ride on Rio Dulce, Guatemala – Photo Essay

Rio Dulce, Guatemala is considered the country’s Amazon. It’s also where you will find the largest sailing community and yacht clubs. From here you will be able to hop on a boat and head over to Livingston, Guatemala’s Caribbean coast … Continue reading

Cultural and Traditional Tours of Guatemala

Culture of Guatemala has one of the richest backgrounds in all of Central America. Having a population of 80% indigenous with 26 different Mayan groups, traditions are a strong part of their daily lives. Many villages welcome visitors to experience … Continue reading

All About the Best El Salvador Surf Spots

Traveling to El Salvador might not be very popular. It is one of those countries you hear about either in passing or in some conversation. But then when you think about it, it’s not a country that is well known … Continue reading