General Information about Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Information about Lake Atitlan

Around Atitlan Lake of Guatemala there are so many tiny indigenous villages you can explore that you might not have enough time to see them all.

Discover family friendly hotels around the Atitlan lake of Guatemala.

Here is some useful info about the Atitlan villages:

Touring the Atitlan’s Villages
A successful bargaining experience with the head hancho of the Panajachel Piers in Atitlan.

Trip with kids to Atitlan
A trip of 4 friends, 2 nannies and 8 boys to the Atitlan Lake.

Trip to Santiago Atitlan
Adventure in the biggest town around the Atitlan Lake.

Billboards in San Pedro La Laguna
Check out the way locals advertise in Atitlan.

Panajachel Pier
This pier is the pulse of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala! Here all the wheeling and dealing is done.

Trip to Lake Atitlan
A family adventure in the villages around the Atitlan Lake.

Street Kids of Atitlan
Kids in Guatemala are an essential part of the family’s economical system.

Lake Atitlan Area
The entire Atitlan Lake was formed in the crater of a volcano, now has tons of beautiful villages around it.

San Pedro la Laguna
This is an indigenous town around the Atitlan Lake wonderful for long stays.

Santiago Atitlan
It is on the southwest shore of Lake Atitlán & nestled between the San Pedro, Atitlán and Tolimán volcanoes.

San Marcos la Laguna
A small town located on the western shore of Atitlan Lake and the perfect getaway to Tajumulco Volcano.

Panajachel is the bustling city of Lake Atitlan area. It’s by far the nuttiest city of the area.

Museums Around Lake Atitlan
The villages around Guatemala’s Atitlan Lake were once really important for the ancient Maya.

Santiago de Atitlan
There is so much more to Santiago de Atitlan, on Lake Atitlan than just Moximon.

Descubre los secretos de Panajachel, Guatemala.

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