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Find out where to eat, stay and play when visiting Havana, Cuba.

La Guarida Paladar, Havana Centro, Cuba – Photo Essay

Paladares of Cuban version of privately owned restaurant! You can get any kind of treat. But I was in for a shock when I entered the building where La Guarida is located. The building is all marble with amazing stairwells … Continue reading

Coppelia – World Famous Cuban Ice Cream – Havana, Cuba – Photo Essay

Cubans are crazy for ice cream. With the heat beating down on them and lots of time, they go to their favorite ice cream shop – Coppelia! There are two ways you can get in. If you have the Cuban … Continue reading

Callejon De Hamel, Havana Cuba – Photo Essay

Every Sunday at noon Callejon de Hamel comes to life with African music, African dance and African soul. It is one of the best attractions to experience in Havana and it’s totally free! Entrance to Callejon de Hamel Drumming Boys … Continue reading

13 Fun Facts About Cuba

Cuba is the largest island of the Caribbean Sea and a place with such a turbulent yet interesting history. Also when you talk about this country you can’t forget about the unique culture of its people. There are so many … Continue reading

Unraveling the Mystery of Eating Out in Cuba – Restaurants in Havana

Where to eat in Cuba while on vacation? That’s a good question since they have such a wide variety of choices, other than the obvious places you normally visit. There is so much more than just restaurants in Havana. Get … Continue reading

Things To Do In Havana, Cuba

The amount of things to see and things to do in Havana, Cuba will surprise you with it’s enormity! Where to start is always a big question for me, and when you are traveling with kids it’s better to have … Continue reading

Getting Around Havana and Transport in Cuba

This must be one of the best parts of traveling to Cuba. At least it was for my family. For a country that still resembles what it once was in the 1950’s, only a lot more abandoned, you will be … Continue reading

Travel to Havana, Cuba with Kids

Traveling with kids anywhere is a challenge. And my family and I have done quite a lot of traveling with our two sons (one year old and seven) to many Latin American Countries. But only for our Cuba family vacation … Continue reading

How To Plan Havana Trips, Cuba

Remember this – traveling to Cuba – YOU HAVE TO BE FLEXIBLE! There is a saying that I actually rarely listen to or use in my life, but for Cuba it just seemed too appropriate: If you want to make … Continue reading

Things to Do in Cuba – Bucket List

Cuba here we come! Cuba is one of those places that us, United States abiding citizens, are nervous to venture to or simply have blocked it out of our minds due to the so called never ending embargo! With all … Continue reading


Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean Islands at 42,803 square miles, and in this instance it really is a case of the bigger the better. Whilst all of the Caribbean islands have a distinctive charm and allure, Cuba is … Continue reading

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