General Information about Havana, Cuba

General Information about Havana, Cuba

Cuba is a one of the most unique countries you can visit in all of Latin America with a revolutionary past and a rich culture.  Havana is especially interesting and the perfect place to get to know the people that make this country so special.  Here are some facts about Havana, Cuba:

Get more tips for planning a vacation in Havana, Cuba.

How To Plan a Trip To Havana
Remember this – traveling to Cuba – YOU HAVE TO BE FLEXIBLE!

13 Fun Facts About Cuba
There is no other place on Earth like Cuba. Here are some facts as to why this country is so Unique!

Transportation and Getting Around Havana
The best options to explore Havana.

Roads of Cuba – Photos
Being on the road in Cuba is without a doubt a totally different experience.

Buildings and Plazas of Havana, Cuba – Photos
Havana, Cuba will surprise you with the amazing buildings and grandeur. You can find fortress to colonial style buildings to modern buildings. It’s a place that will simply bedazzle you!

Daily Life and People of Havana, Cuba – Photos
The people of Cuba are more interesting than any architecture you will encounter. People watching and people interaction should be a top activity of your trip!

People of Havana Vieja, Cuba – Photos
The main thing that makes Cuba stand out is not it’s interesting and some-what turbulent, revolutionary past. But it’s the People of Cuba!

Buildings and Plazas of Havana Vieja – Photos
You can literally get lost for hours exploring Havana Vieja.

Street Performers of Havana Vieja – Photos
Cuba is known to have some of the best performers and artists in the world.

Obtén más información sobre los centros turísticos de Cuba.

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