Costa Rica’s Wildlife

Costa Rica’s Wildlife

Costa Rica is known for being an incredibly bio diverse country. Most of its visitors go there to see wildlife and nature at its best. Here are some of the species you might find:

Learn more about the touristic attractions of Costa Rica where you can find these animals.

25 Wildlife Spottings in Costa Rica
4 Monkey Species in Costa Rica
11 Crocodile Facts
7 Collared Peccary Facts
7 Fer de Lance Facts
9 Humpback Whale Facts
10 Margay Facts
13 Howler Monkey Facts
5 Spotted Dolphin Facts
4 Turtle Species in Costa Rica
8 White Tailed Deer Facts
8 White Lipped Peccary Facts
7 Boa Constrictor Facts
10 Silky Anteater Facts
10 Sloth Facts
9 Squirrel Monkey Facts
10 White-Faced Capuchin Monkey Facts
7 Scarlet Macaw Facts
8 Iguana Facts
10 Agouti Facts
8 SCoati Facts
7 Brown Four-eyed opossum Facts
9 Kinkajou Facts
9 Raccoon Facts
8 Jaguar Facts
8 Tayra Facts
9 Baird’s Tapir Facts
10 Magnificent Frigate Bird Facts
9 Cattle Egret Facts
8 Clay Colored Robin Facts
8 Green Heron Facts
Costa Rican Wild Cats

Encuentra información sobre donde es más fácil disfrutar la fauna de Costa Rica.

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