Find out where you can Eat, Stay and Play in Colombia.

Know Why You Should Choose Bogota Apartment Rentals

Getting ready to book your next vacation? Before choosing a hotel, consider Bogota short term apartment rentals, which will give you more freedom, privacy, and more amenities than a standard hotel room. What’s more, it will often be a less … Continue reading

Food Vendors in Medellin, Colombia

One of my favorite things to seek out and try while visiting any country are the street vendors selling food. Medellin, Colombia is no different. Here are a few unique finds I stumbled upon. Since Colombia is the land of … Continue reading

A Virtual Tour of Guatape Colombia – Photos

One of the top day trips to take from Medellin is to visit Guatepe Village.  Guatepe is called the Switzerland of Colombia and definitely worth a visit. It’s colorful, quaint and totally walkable. Every street has a story drawn into it … Continue reading

Corrientazo – Traditional Colombian Food from Medellin – The Lunch Hour

What is yummy, filling and crazy affordable? Corrientazo – or another the Lunch Hour meal, in Medellin. During my awesome private tour with Travel-Medellin, Arthur and Eliana recommended we try something that is a true local special. The corrientazo is … Continue reading

Getting Around Medellin and the Surrounding Areas

One of the most fun things to do when traveling in different countries is to take a ride either on their public transportation system or unique taxi like cars to take you on shorter distances. Of course I did the … Continue reading

Climbing to the Top of Piedra del Peñol, Colombia

As you drive to the entrance of the gargantuan rock face the first sign that greets you states boldly – The Best View in the World. Since I’ve been to many high vista points, some beyond spectacular, this to me … Continue reading

How to Make a Colombian Michelada

Living in Central America I have quickly discovered that Micheladas are my favorite drinks. They beat out mojitos, margaritas, daiquiris and tons of other drinks made in these regions. So when strolling along the Boardwalk (Malecon) of Guatape, Colombia I … Continue reading

Dulce de Coco – Traditional Colombian Food

OMG, the one thing Colombians and I definitely have in common is our sweet tooth. Walking along the Malecon (boardwalk) during my trip to Guatape, Colombia all I saw were food stands selling deliciously unique sweets. There were way too … Continue reading

Sancocho de Gallina – Traditional Colombian Food

While visiting Guatape, Colombia I noticed that most of the restaurants really pushed and promoted Sancocho de Gallina. After plenty of walks around the Malecon and in the Central Plaza, I decided I had to have me some of this … Continue reading

What To Do and See in Guatape Colombia

Guatape Village is called the ‘Little Switzerland’ of Colombia. And rightfully so. This tiny village is located about two hours outside of Medellin and is the perfect day trip experience.  You can come here on your own by taking a … Continue reading

What Colombian Beer Is Your Favorite?

Beer is a one of my favorite past times when I travel. Normally, when I’m back home, I don’t drink beer too much. But when in a new place, I absolutely love tasting all the ones they have that are … Continue reading

Things To Do in Medellin, Colombia – City Tour Part 2

Now that we know all about the metro system and culture of Medellin, Arthur and Eliana – my private guides from Medellin-Travel Tour Operator, took me to see the actual progress of the higher communities, the poor areas known as … Continue reading

Metro Medellin – The System That Changed the Face of The City Part 1

Having lived in several cities where people rely on metros, subways, Underground tube (whatever it’s called in each area) for work, going out and life – it came as a big surprise for me to learn that in Medellin there … Continue reading

Taking a Speciality Tour – Comuna 13 Medellin – A Must Do

What are Comunas? Comunas can be compared to the Favelas of Brazil. They are the ghettos, projects and forgotten areas of cities. Every city has them. But it is how the city manages to deal with them is what makes … Continue reading

Traditional Colombian Food – Bandeja Paisa

Doing a private Medellin City tour is hard work and requires fuel for the body. And what better way to enjoy lunchtime than tasting a traditional Medellin meal – Bandeja Paisa. Meals aren’t included in the City Tour by Colombia … Continue reading

Best Traditional, Fruity Colombian Drinks – Salpicon

A huge prerequisite for me when visiting any part of the world is to always taste the local food and drink. Every single country has something that is extra special for either the country, city or town that you visit … Continue reading

Botero Plaza – Don’t Miss This Place – Medellin, Colombia

During my private Medellin City Tour, Botero Plaza was at the top of the list of places for us to visit. Botero has had a huge influence on the world, but the fact that he was born in Medellin, Colombia … Continue reading

What to See and What to do in Medellin – Medellin Private City Tour

Researching a place can you only give you so much dimensional input. After reading tons of facts about Medellin it was time to actually get my feet whet. Quick info on my Medellin trip: 1. This is the first time … Continue reading

Fun Facts About Medellin Colombia You Need to Know

Before visiting any country, city or village I love to soak myself up in all the different facts about the place.  This way, when I arrive, I have some idea of what to look for and the triggers to anchor … Continue reading