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12 of the Best Beaches in Costa Rica That You Can’t Miss!

Did you know that Costa Rica has over 800 miles of coastline? I know, it’s crazy!!! So if you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, chances are you’ll visit one of the hundreds of great beaches we have here. There … Continue reading

Foodies Delight – Costa Rica Cabbage Salad Recipe (Ensalada de Repollo)

Costa Ricans love this salad. The proof is that you will find it as a side dish for almost everything they serve. I must say that I had a completely different idea of what a cabbage salad is but this … Continue reading

Costa Rica Wildlife – 4 Endangered Sea Turtle Species

In the whole wide world, there are only seven sea turtle species, four of them frequent Costa Rica and nest here throughout the year. Out of these four, all of them are on the highly critical endangered species list. They … Continue reading

Costa Rica Wildlife – 4 Types of Monkeys Living in Costa Rica

Did you know that there are over 200 mammal species living in Costa Rica? And did you know that out of the 200 species, 100 of them are bats and only four are monkeys! Yet, the chances of seeing a … Continue reading

Costa Rica Food – Arroz Con Pollo (Rice and Chicken)

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro Is there a more typical Latino dish out there? I don’t think so! Arroz Con Pollo (rice and chicken) is a dish that you can find in practically … Continue reading

The Only Sloth Rescue Center in the World | Costa Rica

It’s true, the Sloth Rescue Center, is the only Animal Rescue Center of its kind and you can find it while traveling in Costa Rica. Nowhere else on earth will you find a place that focuses on saving and rehabilitating … Continue reading

Foodies Delight – Guacamole Recipe

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro Even though guacamole is a Latin dish, mainly from Mexico, the rest of Central America, Costa Rica included, has made it like their own. It’s a yummy … Continue reading

5 Most Active Volcanoes of Costa Rica

Costa Rica houses over 110 volcanoes. Imagine if they all went boom at once! Gratefully, that won’t be happening any time soon. Out of the 110 volcanoes, there are only five active volcanoes in Costa Rica. And not enough to … Continue reading

Foodies Delight – Gallo Pinto Recipe – Costa Rica’s Staple Food

This is the most traditional Costa Rica dish there is! It is mainly served for breakfast, but if you enter any Costa Rica house or local eatery at any given moment, there will always be Gallo Pinto ready to be … Continue reading

American Crocodile Viewing Tour in Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro In Tarcoles, a river close to the popular hot spot of Jaco, live over 2000 American Crocodiles. The majority of these crocs reach over twelve feet in … Continue reading

Costa Rica Health Care – Private vs. Public Clinics

Not everything is always perfect. Although our trip to Cahuita was definitely up there in the high ranks, my son chose the most inopportune time to get sick. On the way over to Cahuita in the car he started coughing … Continue reading

Refried Beans – The Main Costa Rican Ingredient

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I have to say, I make a mean batch of (refried) beans! They are extremely tasty and the best … Continue reading

Costa Rica Ecotourism – The Sustainability Certification Program for Hotels and Tour Operators

With the largest number of government certified eco-tourism businesses, its no wonder Costa Rica is Latin America’s leader in sustainable tourism. The ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Institute) has developed a Sustainability Certification Program (CST). It encourages tour operators and hotels … Continue reading

Costa Rican Cuisine – 13 of Their Yummy Dishes

When you travel around the Central American countries you will notice that most of them have similar food. Most of their dishes are based on corn, spicy sauces, plantains, beans and in some areas coconut and seafood. However, if you … Continue reading

Costa Rica Wildlife – 2000 American Crocodiles in the Tarcoles River, Costa Rica

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro Have you seen a creature that reaches lengths of 12 feet, weighs half a ton and can eat an entire cow for lunch in one sitting? How … Continue reading

How does a Trilingual Kid Learn English?

I bet after reading the post of my family and how the heck we ended up in Costa Rica, you’re most amazed with my son’s ability to speak three languages. For many families out there who are seriously considering following … Continue reading

Expat Resources – Podcasts in Costa Rica

Please sign up for my RSS feed and find me on twitter @marinavillatoro I got a great email from a reader wanting to learn more about Costa Rica. Especially through podcasts and online radio stations. I’ve come up with a … Continue reading

Costa Rica Transfers – Interbus

To Pick Up Time Rate From San Jose Hotels Coco Beach & Ocotal 07:30 $40.00 Fortuna 08:00 $40.00 Fortuna 14:30 $40.00 Jacó 08:00 $30.00 Jacó 14:30 $30.00 Manuel Antonio 08:00 $40.00 Manuel Antonio 14:30 $40.00 Monteverde 08:00 $40.00 Monteverde 14:30 … Continue reading

Car Rentals In Costa Rica

High Season 16 Dec to 15 Apr Low Season 16 Apr to Dec 15 Vehicle High season Low season Basic Insurance Full insurance Daily Weekly Daily Weekly Hyundai I – 10 or Similar 39 234 39 204 13 15 Hyundai … Continue reading

Private Transfers in Costa Rica

To/From La Fortuna PRICE HOURS San Jose Airport $130 3 Airport at El Tanque $25 15 min Airport Tobias Bolaños $145 3 Cahuita $220 6 Cañas $120 2 Cariari Natural Park $190 3 Chachagua Rain Forest $30 20 min Ciudad … Continue reading